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    A lot of people are having problems with Vista and Windows 7 running the installer, or cracker due to being 64 bit or some other problem. I have solved this problem by preparing an installer which SHOULD be compatible with all systems. The only thing I didn`t do is digitally sign it, so while its not Officially Windows 7/Vista compatible, it should still work perfect. It has all of the Westwood patches, has all the movies, and the cd check has been removed. I switched over to the NSIS installer, so I had a lot of flexibility in deploying the game this time. I have also ensured the installer is windows 8/8.1 compatible. Download the Dune 2000: Gruntmods Edition version Installer: Download Link Please note, D2K+ requires .net framework 3.5, which can be downloaded here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=25150 The best way to contact me for support, is by filling out a support ticket at our support page (click here) You can view a list of all GruntMods Edition updates here
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    You may have thought I died, but I'm still alive and kicking! (Just very tied down by real life.) There is a new version of the game installer available. The changes include: Support for installing the cutscenes in the additional languages of French, German and Italian Support for installing when the existing version is already installed (Although it is highly recommended you uninstall any existing versions) Fixed the issue with the English cutscenes not downloading correctly Please note, the launcher has not been updated as I’m still working on reprogramming it with lots of new features. As such the update functionality will not work at this time. If you want to install this version please use the full installer. You can download the installer form the download page: https://gruntmods.com/dune_2000_gruntmods_edition/
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    Thanks @FedaYkin for that extensive advice, it's super helpful. What's a "normal" number of trains for you to have midgame? I'm playing the Great Divide and am up to 60 now. I've gotten a lot better at managing them (rather, managing them less and just letting them run). Not stressing anymore about cleaning out all the waiting passengers was a game-changer. Now I aim to keep the backlog at around 2-5 in cities on my main lines, and don't worry about adding capacity 'till it creeps above that. I've spread out my passenger routes more strategically to avoid exhausting supply at individual cities - especially those lucrative ones at the edges of the map. I mainly reserve those passengers for the longest-distance connections, then set up routes between my other cities (matching up cities by size and ensuring routes are reasonably long). I do keep a few shorter-distance routes around to supplement cashflow while waiting for the long-distance cash cows to arrive (e.g. between Toronto, Montreal and Quebec). For the moment I'm reloading if the economy crashes, to give myself time to learn how to nurture a more automated game. I've also avoided venturing too much into other types of cargo for now, until all these passenger routes are running smoothly. It's 1875 on this map and Vancouver is connected. There's a big bottleneck through the pass from Quebec to Fredericton due to track laid before I learned about the "grading tool" ;-). All in all the game is starting to get more fun again. Is there a hotkey to expand / collapse the train list? (I find that more helpful than the other list, which doesn't fit as many entries on the screen). I can't imagine what it would be like trying to manage hundreds of trains through these basic listboxes. Some filtering options would be nice. I actually made a spreadsheet to keep track of my routes (yeah I'm feeling like a nerd). Has anyone made any tools to pull data out of savegames and present it in a more workable format (kind of like CivAssist)?
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    Wow, lots there. First: Look through our old threads. Second: Never delete an engine. The game has bugs in it that sometimes don't handle deletions well. In my games, I micro-manage only until I have all double-track. Then I change over to twice-per-year scanning for problems (like empty trains waiting for cargo). My routes are all set-and-forget (until I see a problem). During recessions I set a few to only half-full, but I also put up with a lot of idle trains. The game has another "feature" that brings the houses within a city into sync with one another, so they tend to produce lots of passengers and mail one month, and then go dry for months (sometimes years). If you see this happen (especially several decades / economic cycles into a map), then you just have to leave trains waiting for the next flood. I tend to under-serve most routes a little bit so that my trains stay full and making money during average economic times. Except during the initial phase of a game, I resist the urge to buy all of the trains that a boom can fill. I like my pax and mail to roll fast, so I keep them short. Before the 4-6-2 Pacific, my express trains are only 2 cars. After that, they are 3. Only during boom times with later, more powerful engines do I make some longer (and after the boom, I shorten them back to 3). When cargo is left at a depot, it continues to age down to its minimum value. I no longer depot pax or mail. For industrial loads in the complex economy, I mostly have each train work a production sequence (e.g. Sugar -> Food -> [import] -> etc). At the bottom end though, I'll have some heavy, slow trains just pile on something like coal and/or ore to create a ready supply of steel for other, faster trains to transform into goods and autos as needed. I do set some routes to accumulate cargo through multiple stops (e.g. three wood sources on the way to a mill). These are usually rural, so (on most maps) there's little or no chance for an industry to pop up and intercept my cargo. However, I have been known to do this with villages that supply pax/mail without demanding them (e.g. climb the steep grade out of San Francisco with only a single carload and then add a car to be filled in Reno / Elko / Winnemucca). When those villages grow into towns, such routes are suddenly buggered.
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