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Omnius colonies


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Dune 5 and 6 lead up to nothing about the enemy being machines, it leads up [hide]to facedancers being the enemies.[/hide]

I will simply post what i posted in another thread about dune 7 predictions. This was written around 1/2 way through chapterhouse Dune.

Dune 7 Predictions *spoilers* if have not read GEoD, Heretics and Chapterhouse

In Chapterhouse Dune near the beginning, the Great Honoured Matre thought:

The Sisters knew Futars could not be bonded by sex. At least not by

sex with humans. That might be the way the Enemies of Many Faces did it, though. Who knew?

Now, are the Enemies of Many Faces some Tleilaxu people, possibly face dancers?

In Heretics Dune, Lucilla and Burzmalli are walking through Gammu streets (near the end of novel) and Lucilla notices a Futar, after Burzmalli tells her what it is called. Lucilla surmises:

"A Tleilaxu experiment," Lucilla guessed. And she thought: a mistake that has returned from the Scattering. "What are they doing here?" she asked.

"Trading colony, so the natives here tell us."

"Don't you believe it. Those are hunting animals that have been crossed with humans."

And what power can cross hunting animals with humans? Tleilaxu.

And the Ones of Many Faces, curse them through eternity, had caused the disaster. Them and their Futars! The ease with which all but that handful of The Weapon had been confiscated! Awesome powers. We must arm ourselves well before we return to that battle. Dama is right.

Above we learn that Futars were allied or pawns of Ones of Many Faces. Obviously the People of scattering lost or withdrew from the battle and may have went back to the Old Empire to build up forces to destroy their enemy.

Duncan sees 2 elderly people in the Great Hold in the no-ship (and later outside the Great Hold). I believe that these people may be an enemy or an ally as to how humans will live for eternity. Duncan eventually believes that they are face dancers and that they were not bonded to Tleilexu masters. These 2 face dancers are obviously a threat to humankind, as they are not really humans.

Another perspective (according to prequels) complicates matters. In the

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What ever happened to the thinking machine colonies that Giedi Prime Omnius set up in Butlerian Jihad?

oops, kinda forgot about original question.

I'm sure it will be explained somehow in the next Jihad books, and if it is not, some people will get angry >:(



[hide]It says in BJ D that one landed on Dune and was swallowed by a worm.[/hide]

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I will give the prequels one thing, they talk about a massive expansion of face dancers out to the deepest fringes of space. the guy who created amal ordered this so that when he would take power he could count on them to come inward and sweep new and undiscovered worlds for his vast empire. Ill have to find the place in the books, but I always suspected that they key to it all was in that part. I didnt think the prequels ment for the machines to be the final enemy. Remember that the heighliner that went too far into deep space saw an enemy coming closer and that they had to get out of there, just a bit longer in the book you read that the face dancers were out on the deep fringes. see what I mean?

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I hope that the enemy will be thinking machines in dune7. that would be so cool. Humanity not fighting against each other but against a common enemy. well the buddislamic fought against the league, but those were only people who should have been slaughtered for their lack of responsibility and their cowardise.

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yeah, I dont think it is at all as black and white as you portrayed the situation. thats what I should have said to clarify. I always forget to do that though because i'm crazy. :D

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in the fact that you call an entire group cowards for actions they did. If you read though why they did what they did, they had other motives. It isnt always fear of being killed, i can be manythings. although brian and kevin do write in black and white anyways.

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yeah I agree they do write in black and white, at least compared to Herbert. and I know the story about the buddislamic people. I think that they are cowards, saying that it was the league who created the machines and now they have to deal with them. that is a very egoistic statement to make. It was not the league who made the machines it was all people.

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yeah, but harmonthep 4 anbus etc weren't allied to the league and they weren't machine worlds cause they didnt become synchronised. so maybe the buddislamists were right to say that cause they had no machines.

although when mankind is facing extermination, you dont just sit there.

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