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nah its when i go to play a game, when it lags up and im able to get out, thats whats taking up 99 CPU. any other time everything runs awesome. and right now im alt+tabed out and its runing great, but it says its using about 80 % so idk...

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ok i tried closing off of everything and trying to run the game, same glitch, i tried swapping memory, same glitch.. ok im about to go kill something... i have no friends tht have a graphics card. they all use onboard except for me.. blah i hate indiana

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ook heres an update since i need to get warcraft III working so i can stomp a mudhole in NAVAROS. lol, hopefully anyway.. i tried the memory thing to no avail. the problem ONLY arises during gameplay. never during anything else, i could be running kazaa internet explorer avant brower, word, and winamp perfectly fine no lag, except my internet connection sucks.. soon as i start up ANY game, roms of SNES even lagg all to hell, it starts lagging lasts about 5 seconds, stops for about 30 lags for another 5 and so on and so forth, sometime it lags for 6 seconds waits 10 seconds then back to the lag... i tried the recovery disk but it didnt work anyway. and i dont have a windows XP cd to install after i format...

ok went out and got XP re-installed, put in all new memory. works fine so far...

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