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Emperor Essentials

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Here are some things that are essential to you enjoying Emperor. This list is based off of input from Gobalopper, Frodo I, rigel6669, DjCiD, Gunwounds, Ixianmace, and Navaros.

Map Packs!

Map Pack #1 - Map Pack #2 - Map Pack #3 - Map Pack #4

Multiplayer: All that is required is to download the XWIS tool and follow the instructions in the "Getting online Guide" thread above this thread.

1.09 Patch:


Or use the builtin autoupdater.

Multiplayer add-ons:

XCL Proxy (XCL Proxy helpfile)

XWIS: XCC WOL IRC Server (sort of like WOL)

Useful Files:

Mod Files

Editing Programs

Fan Made Maps

Map Packer (for installing maps)

Howie's Quick Screen Capture Tool Ver 1.0.8

Fraps Real-Time Video Capture

Misc Tutorials:

Online acronyms and Emporer chat commands

WOL for newbies

Non-Acronym Terms Used in EBFD

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Good news. A friend of mine found a way to play EBFD game via lan. ;D

All you have to do is download the small program battle lan V0.5 and run it before you start emperor game. You need to fill in the ip's of the other players.

This program allows you to play TCP/IP games via lan and works for windows xp/me.

Check your ip by going to www.ipchicken.com

I will try it out myself and let you know.

Should be a good way to continue playing emperor when WOL has closed down

Download at: www.infoceptor.com/files/war3/battlelan.zip

Please post here if you have good/bad experience with this program in playing EBFD upto 8 players

Any1 who wants to test this, send me an im msg when you see me online on the messageboard 8)

Procedure to follow to play EBFD lan game without WOL:

1. the host has to receive all ip's of the players joigning the lan party

2. disable internet security and virus scanners

3. only the host starts the battlelan program and fills in the ip's of all joigning members by using "add button" and when all ip's are there you press "start button"

4. The host minimizes battlelan program in the background ( it has to stay on! )

5. The joigning players start up EBFD game and use the local network lobby ( lan game in options )

6. The host does the same as in (5) and will see all the joigning players in the lan lobby

7. The host creates a game and the others join it


1) Read the readme file of the battlelan program before you start!

2) The chat is not working in lan lobby, it will work when playing

3) Using a router will cause problems to join, unless you unlock the required ports

The ip's used in the pic are pure fictional

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Here is a step-by-step guide on how to download and install fan-made maps for Emperor.

Made by Navaros.

1.) Download whichever fan-made maps you want from the following link: Fan Maps

2.) In order to install fan-made maps, you must have the MapPacker. Download it from the following link: MapPacker Program

3.) Unzip the MapPacker. By default, it will unzip into the default install directory for Emperor, which is: "C:WestwoodEmperorMapPacker". If you have installed Emperor to a different directory, change the path name to point to your Emperor Folder before you click on the "Unzip" button.

4.) Go to the directory "C:WestwoodEmperorMapPacker" or whatever directory you unzipped the MapPacker file to.

5.) Run the MapPacker program by doubleclicking on the "MapPacker" icon. This will create a new folder in that directory named "CMaps".

6.) Cut the fan-made map files you downloaded and paste them into your CMaps folder.

7.) Run the MapPacker program again, and click the "Settings" tab.

There will be two Fields on your screen. The top one will say "Map Editor Directory". The bottom one will say "Directory to Place Packed Map Files In". Disregard the top Field. Click the Folder Icon to the Right of the bottom Field ("Directory to Place Packed Map Files In"), and set the path to "C:WestwoodEmperorMapPackerCMaps", or whichever path points to your CMaps folder.

8.) Click on the "Unpack" tab, and highlight the map you wish to Unpack from the list under the "Compressed Map Files" Field at the left of your screen. Press the "UnPack" button in the top right corner of your screen to install the map. The map you have just installed should now be available to you for both skirmish and WOL games. UnPack all the maps in your "Compressed Map Files" list in the same way.

If you download more maps in the future, you may install them simply by repeating steps 1, 6, and 8.

Additional information should be IM'ed to the board moderators, the global moderators or Gobalopper.

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Tnx to Gob for posting this and Guns for digging it back up. ;)

Gob posted this earlier but it got buried and I don't think many people noticed it... however it is something that brennq and many others have been looking for since the buddy-list is limited and it's easy to do while your surfing the web.

Bookmark this --->  Who's on XWIS 

Here are two more Who's Online but for Emperor only, not all of XWIS; the other is RAs Server


Click to see who is currently playing on RA1024's server.

there is also the BACKUP SERVER-->XWIS server

Click to see who is currently playing on the XWIS server.

Here is were you can find info for Getting Online and also Server/Game Info + Tons of Useful/Informative Links.


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