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no... you don't get them free.... at least... not if you have more than 1.

That's the point. 1 free with every harvester ramp. That's three to a refinery. And if one dies, there are two left to keep the spice coming while the third arrives free and fills up.

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Then why does it say in the manual, and I quote,

"For each refinary built you recieve one harvester and carryall."

This sounds like you get it FREE with the refinary, and with each new ramp added. I quote again,

"For each refinary ramp built, you recieve one harvester and carryalll."

Like a 'buy one, get one free' offer. It isn't a percentage, it comes FREE! If you buy another harvester and lose it to a worm, you shouldn't have.

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Ok, when you sell any building you recieve half of what you paid for.  But when you sell a refinery you recieve less than half for it.  This shows that some thing wasn't sold (your harvester) to recieve your total amount of money that you would normally get back.

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Say you have:

3 harvesters

all the upgrades on the refinary

One of you havester dies.

You now have 2 harvesters

Is is me or are you going to have to replace that harvester if you leave it to die? (Thats if you want to have the same amount of spice coming in).

Replacing the harvester is still going to cost

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