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Are there any PATCHES out or planned that will improve play or change the rules for the better? I don't mean any unofficial MOD's made by someone in ten minutes and that crash the game repeatedly. >:(

Any ideas. (I've tried a forum search)

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You mean more patches then 1.09?

That's not likely, WW doesn't look (much) anymore to Emperor. So they probably won't make a new patch...

Note to some other members:

Don't start posting about how bad WW is by abondening Emperor etc...

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;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


this is hilarious.

WW.. patching emperor  ;D ;D ;D

I can see your new.

- ur post

- the picture of the weakest unit next to yer name

(he looks cool ;) )

1 pple cant change it

if mas pple will join emperor

then... WW might come back.

the flood of n00bs for the last month has been huge.

maybe much pple might actually have managed to grab a better comp how fits the system demands ;)

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