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In the mini Dune, the Fremen talk about paying the Guild in spice to prevent satellites from going over the polar caps.

How did the Fremen contact the Guild to make the agreement, and why has the Emperor or Baron not become aware of the missing surveillance data concerning these regions?

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The Fremen use ties with the fremen people of the cities, who contact smugglers, who give the Spice bribes to the Guild.

Officially, the Guild does not put up weather/surveillance satellites because it would give too much of a tactical advantage to the occupant of the planet. Also, the Guild would not be willing to damage their only source of the Spice with weather control.

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totally. Also, I part ways with how the transfer worked in the prequels. I think that as vanguard said, transfered from one group to another to another. Or transferred privately and not in the open desert.

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