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The awoken beast

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59 million years ago the Drangl came to Earth. By then, all of the dinosaurs were wiped off of the face of the earth because of one species. After chain reactions of volcanic eruptions deep within the South American jungles, the Clasthr were forced to move out, and spread out into the world. They single-handedly and literally over the course of a few years wiped out the dinosaurs in a hungry frenzy. The Drangl hunted these beasts and over hundreds of years, the Clasthr were almost entirely wiped out. Deep within the African jungles, they dug underground and underwent a mass-transformation between the 500 of them, converting their blood to a cryoprotectant. Falling into the state of suspended animation, they hope to starve out the dependent Drangl, and awaken in a new world. Time-triggered, the Clasthr are finally ready to exit the suspended animation, and return to a new world for feasting. But right now, a new predator lives. Homo Sapien.

If you guys like this idea enough, I can write a bunch on it. I have all the specific details written down elsewhere, this is just a trailer-like introduction, and I am figuring a way to write this and include the details at the same time. Hope you find it promising :)

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Hehe I thought you guys forgot about this ;)

I will cook something up, now that I got my biggest test out of the way. It also sounds like a good movie idea ;)

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