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MechWarrior Mercenaries RP

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Ok,for the plot,go to www.mechwarrior4.com and then click on Mechwarrior:Merc.

Now,Rules and Regs.

1.No giant and all powerful mechs(Aka Daisha or Atlas)in the very begining of the thread.That would be REALLY unrealistic.

2.Heat applies in this thread.

3.No invincible mechs.

4.No unlimited ammo

5.No Every single weapon and accessory.

6.You can make up mechs,but make em seem realistic.

Now,make up a Mechwarrior(Or you can use one from the game) and Mech(Optional)and list all of the Mech's weapons and accessories.

Have fun!


Mechwarrior:Colin Saunders


Weapons:2 LRM Racks,5 Small Lasers,and a PPC

Accessories:Jump Jets,ECM

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MechWarrior Name: Clansmen Torkoff

Mech: Timberwolf (Madcat for all you Inner Sphere slimeballs)

Affiliation: Clan Ghost Bear

Weapons compliment: 2 SRM 12, 1 Clan ER Heavy Laser (its standard), 2 Machine Guns, 1 PPC.

Bring it on you Inner Sphere Dogs!

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okie dokie im here

mech warrior-mitch connar (yes I know I got it from southpark)

mech timber wolf

weapons 2 lrm 12

2 ammo

4 machine guns

two jump jets

realistic? I have MW2mercs so Im going off that kinda.

affiliations: none he's a lose cannon merc. ;D

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Torkoff walked his mech outside of the dropship.

the khan of clan ghost bear would be pleased when he saw what Torkoff's star was doing.

raiding a Draconis Combine outpost.

and capturing a mech factory.

The possibilites were endless.

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