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dark ages fantasy RP


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(rules: just like a normal RP, the story will be pretty guided by me, and will seem on the fly to keep things interesting. don't make your character too powerful, give him or her reasonable limitations. try to focous on one attribute, like strength or speed. jace is an exception as i am da storyteller.

1.no killy the other players.

2.no hijacking non playable characters or that sort.

3.dont go against jace or you will die.

4. i have the option to kill you at any time if youre being unreasonably retarded, but i really dont see that happening. nawp.

5. try to keep it somewhat serious.

6. i reserve the right to add rules to the formula as they become nessesary.)

just so you know, i'll be playing the role that might be referred to as dungeon master in D&D. I am to be playhing the role of jace, an elven mage of unreal power. the setting is the island of new zealand, as inhabited by the english anachronistically. there's a pub in the distance, and jace walks slowly through the streets in his white robes.

"they'll be here soon... the warriors the runes told of..." jace turns, and sees someone coming in obvious warrior attire. jace quickly dissapears, and watches as the warrior enters the square.

"yes, they will have all recieved the summons, and surely they will meet here tonight if they place any value in this..!"

jace reappears as a cabbit at the warriors feet. he looks around for others to come...

(note! anyone can be the one guy. i needed him to start.)

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Davidu, medium hight, dark hair, dark eyes, strong enough to use a one-handed gladius (doesen't use shield). Tall brown boots (up to the knees), black pants, white shirt, black coat, a leather backpack stiffed with all sorts of things.

Strength: medium

Speed: medium-high

Life: low-medium

Dexterity: high

His coat bears the insignia of the wolf.(colors: grey-white-black)

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