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How to get rid of WMA9 media codec

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I recently installed the WMA9 (Windows Media 9 Format) codec so I could view a certain file, and now it's making Winamp3 work improperly. Winamp plays audio files fine, but when I go to play a video clip, it looks all blue!! I know the codec is causing the problem because Winamp only started acting up after the codec was installed. Is there anyway I can completely and thouroughly remove it from my system?!?! :(

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I dont think you can unless you format.(dont take my word for it)

But you could try to reinstall winamp and see if that works.

Tried re-installing Winamp, had no effect, so this leads me to believe that it was the codec, and not the Winamp installation that was the problem. Formatting my HD is not an option at this stage, the HD has bad sectors on it, and whenever I format my HD, I've noticed the amount of bad sectors almost doubles each time. :O :( >:( I have to bide my time, until a few weeks later when I can possibly bring the computer in to the shop to get it checked out, and likely get the HD replaced *sigh*.

I'm not aware of any issues that the WMA9 codec has with Winamp, only that it causes this problem for me.

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Guest Eric E.

Then do it the hard way:

Start -> search -> search for WMA9 -> remove anything that's related to it ( try not to fuck up your OS ) -> remove all files in your registory that have anything to do with the media codec.

This schould work.

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