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BFTU Chapter 3-The rise of tissue boxes......

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Well....there will be another AI map soon.......just FYI ;)

Just tell u the weapons they use so u wont have to keep asking me :)

Bunker-turret=2000mm Advanced Anti-Armor Support Machine gun, FN M549 Minimi

Tank=AT-95 model

Hoverbike='Mini-proton cannon'

Infantry=.357 desert eagle,M16A2,grenades,longsword

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* Moves his A Tanks to sector B2 and Flame tanks to sector B1 *

*When A tanks begin their assault, they open artillery fire on UN camp ( Tanks do fire much further than the rocketmen :P)*

*F Tanks slowly approach from the other front*

* Commander Lowzeewee, establishing battlefield control...*

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1.But rocketmen can all hit and run faster than tanks,though their range is just a LITTLE less than tanks' range ;)

2.Wait.....you said artillery fire?ARTILLERY?Can u pls just say tank fire? ;D

3.Wrong!In TibSun,its 'establishing battlefield control,STANDBY.'

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Dunenewt-10 riflemen,10 rocketmen,10 jeeps

ExSplug-98 rocketmen


SW:10 assault tanks,6 flame tanks-10 assault tanks,6 flame tanks

The rocketmen took advantage of the tanks retreating back slowly to launch an air of salvoes at them.....crushing them slowly and bitterly like what the tanks did to the riflemen and jeeps but also had to keep watch on the enemy flame tanks who had failed to grill them compltely.

Dunenewt-New reinforcements await you

ExSplug-30 rocketmen left

Alex-New reinforcements await you

BTW,tanks,80KM/H???!?!?!?!?Even jeeps cant go so fast LOL

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when u get reinforcements,u cant change them.Reinforcements=WHat u had at the start ;)

Note:DUe to the ratio of active pple arrived at Planet Orthodox.Capturing of capital is not allowed unless slaphapy5 or flameweaver comes in.

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they are now at the starting point.I said before,all reinforcements will be at the starting point.

THe last battle was considered 2 battles as alex sent forces from two different directions and forces were diverted

Attached map is the current one

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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40 riflemen,10 rocketmen,10 jeeps were no match for Alexander the great Junior ;D as they were earthquaked to hell.........

New reinforcements await dunenewt and exsplug.

Alexander the great returns to D3,his buccephalus[sp?]

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