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BFTU Chapter 3-The rise of tissue boxes......

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Slaphapy cant reply to this battle because of some reasons,and Exsplug and dunenewt are already in there.....so it leaves only flameweaver.Why dont u double attack them,as in dividing yr forces so that u can get more battles ;)

If you split yr forces and attack,the number of battles will be based on the number of unit groups u have :D

But I will only accept minimum-5 tanks/30 troops in each group

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THe hunter seekers did a suicide attack on the jeeps while the other units fought by the mindset 'an eye for an eye' and in the end,poor dunenewt's forces got defeated again ;D while ExsPlug has 33 rocketmen left.

ak47 and Dunenewt,your reinforcements wait for you.

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holy shit lowzee, you draw like hell. Let me make some once i have installed my paintshop pro

Flame is back once again.

Flameweaver grabs his binoculars and leeds his force of jeeps, rifle infantry and rocket infantry to sector D3. Underway they encounter a couple of rebels, but nothing serious. None of the soldiers get hurt in the process as the rebels are untrained and underweaponed. They can almost be seen as regular civilians.

3 scouting jeeps race through the desert sands, dust rises up from their weels when they pass by. Luckily the area is wide and open so there are few chances for surprise attacks. But then, when they reach the border of sector D3, they see something moving, many miles ahead. It's impossible to see what it is. But it seems like a large force, as even from here, you can clearly see that it is big.

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capturing of capital has been declared allowed.

"Martial law has been declared gone."

"Pick up your weapons men"

"Fight for your glorious and honoured alliance"

"Death before dishonour"

"GO to war"

Don't return"

"Be a hero"


*Long pause*


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Flameweaver-Due to time constrain,i remove 1 jeep,1 rifleman and 1 rocketman,thats rules,exactly fair,1 each :P

wtf? i already had 40 + 10 + 5... what happened with the old ones then? I just bought the same army over again, so i doubled my army

40 x 3 is 120 + 10 x 7 is 70 + 5 x 20 is 100 makes 290 total.

And my old army was just as big, so i have 80 ri, 20 rock, and 10 jeeps, and 160 left

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At the UN SP,ALL THREE UN pple stand guard,preparing to outnumber and outclass and outshine the SW pple who guerilla them....79 riflemen,62 rocketmen,16 jeeps battle the 16 tanks rolling towards them.....bringing them apart........


Alex:Gets new reinforcements

FLameweaver:79 riflemen,9 jeeps

ExSplug:13 rocketmen

Dunenewt has been totally destroyed from the planet but has been promoted to Private 2nd class,Tech Level 1,350 points.

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