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harkonnan mission 7

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Some general advice when fighting Atr adn any other house for that matter, JokerDude_3.

1-Keep squads and squads of troopers + inf in a 2:1 ratio on guard mode around ur spice fields.

2-Wall off large parts of ur base leaving only place for 1 unit at a time to enter/exit ur base.

3-Use r-turrets in bunches behind the walls. Prefferably keep a few missiles & seige tanks behind them. Seige tanx are imp. as the other 2 do not affect inf much.

4-Keep a lot of missile tanx, inf and trikes near every building to protect against fremen and ornis.

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It's important that you first block off the infantry entrance at the east with walls.

Then it's important to build many turrets at the beginning and place them at the west.

Later you can put 3 siege Tanks at the infantry entrance and remove the wall. So you can take care of the Infantry there

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Here is how I solved this mission. It make take you a few runs. First, try destroying the small band of troopers and the quad that guard the construction yard, without losing any of your men or suffering a lot of damage.

In the northwest corner, there is an opening to the Atreides western base. You may want to send one trike to this area just to scope it out. Then, send all of your initial forces (except the engineer of course) into this opening and destroy their heavy factory. The one weakness of the Atreides

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well, first to survive you need to bulid alot of gun turets but do not bulid any factorys!

then bulid a outpost and exchange gunturets for rocket turets.(you need alot of turets to risist a big atack :)) then bulid a heavy factory, and bulid a second harvestor.

(here i don't menchon the wichamacolet energy things because you need to bulid them only when you have bulid the wall of gun turets.)

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1) Keep a row of mtanx and a row of stanks as defence.

2) Blow up the htechfact in the southwestern part of the southeatern base using a DHM

3)Blow up the turrets using troopers.

4) Blow up all the factories quickly.

5) Polish off whats left( imp brx, ref)

6)Use combat tanx and mtanx to blow up the western base bu attack it from its southern end, its less defended.

I did not make the western base a priority, but if you follow the previous strat, you would stil win, its pretty cool. Mebbe I'll try it next time. My strat was just an alternative to Kyle's

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