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Declaration of Independence from fed2k


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er sorta.

I am starting another Dune Site at www.geocities.com/duneforever

its young..

I love what you people have done to this board, and I would love to have some of you help me make a faq section, and generaly help me out. I dont know html so I will be useing the page builder thingy.

So far the sections will be

Duneiverse(original aint it?)

with sub catagories for each Book which will have a summery that sort of thing and information

And a faq page, or a few, these may be closely linked to the book sub catagories

Some Pages on the Mini and lynchs dune, and some pages about the dune games

and of course a messege board.

anyone wana help?

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If I can help at all, give me a ring (i.e. email/MSN at vanguard3000@hotmail.com or PM me). I know HTML.

By the way, I really like your colours. I recommend leaving it like that, with the black background and gold/sand coloured bar. Simple, yet stylish, you know?

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And also maybe he only wants dune people involved. and not people who do not know a thing about dune other than emperor game.

I know html and have read all dune books, but might not have time to help as of yet. will inform when I do

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