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Recently, a new mod created by Inoculator9 has been added. It is called the Plasma Mod, and adds a new unit with a plasma type weapon to each house. In only adding 8 units, the mod did not require any previous units to be deleted, making it playable in campaign games. It can be found here. Also recently added is a tutorial on giving units special abilities found here. This tutorial, complimented by 2 others writen by Inoculator9, makes for a great resource for anybody interested in modding Emperor: Battle for Dune. Timenn has also created a Word Document that defines all of the texture squares in the =G_Infantry_256.tga file and is found here. Also recently added is 3 new maps for Emperor: Battle for Dune, be sure to check them out here. Also in developement is a total conversion mod for Command & Conquer: Renegade, making it like Emperor: Battle for Dune. The thread for this project can be found here.

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