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I don't know anything of frank herbert's dune, but it's an FPS, so is renegade so i'll give some usefull tipcs that i think are used in both.

1. never stand still.

2. reload a weapon if you can(i'm not sure about this one though)

3. try to play safe and avoid using up too much ammo on enemies which you could avoid....

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Save water, do not heal when you are at 10% damage, you will still use as much as 25% of your water to heal. Wait until you are at 25% damage or worse, otherwise you will run out of water too quickly.

Do not use peeking around corners to check whether a guard is in the next room or corridor, you will be spotted if the guard is looking in your way. Instead, more Paul close to a corner (without touching it or revealing yourself) and move the camera angle (using the mouse) until you get a clear sight of the room. This will enable you to plan your next move.

Continue to use peeking round walls in a gunfight as the wall provides protection.

When you run out of ammo and cannot sneek up to a guard run up to him and allow him to hit you until you reach 20% health or less, then rapidly click the left mouse button and soon Paul will use his 'voice' to paralyse the guards *NOTE* This can't be done until you have had the training from Alia.

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