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dune2k lan...out of sync? ?_?


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i get this message during multiplayer game, generally when i move lot of units or attack enemy base.

the mex always appears on my computer (the server). My two PC are linked with cross cable, both of them runs dune2000 patched to latest version on windows 98 installed yesterday (!) and dx 7.

Hardware is almost similar, too: Pentium2/350mhz (Celeron 366Mhz), 256MB RAM (128mb RAM), Sblive (sblive), geFORCE (Sis620 pci card).

any idea? :(

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on single play works perfectly and...yes, pc are already linked directly without an hub.

i tried to play warcraft 2, it works perfectly so i supposed it is not a link problem.

damn, i bought dune2k just for lan game!

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How do I improve stability of a LAN game in Dune 2000?

We have found that setting the FRAME TYPE to 802.3 instead of using AUTO will allow for much more stable LAN games. To do this, open your "Network control panel", find the IPX/SPX driver for your network card, and double-click on it. Click the [Advanced] button, then single-click frame type in the list. You can change your type in the drop box to the right. Please note that this is not recommended for large corporate networks, as changing the frame type can cause you problems. You will need to change the frame type on all machines in the network.

There are a few other things over at the tech support pages that might help but this is probably the most relative.

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Are both machines running the same verson of Dune2k? Does either one of the installations use a NOCD hack? If so, make sure BOTH machines are running the NOCD hack. Both games need to be the same version, and if one is modified (no matter how) the game will report "OUT OF SYNCH" errors. This was usually to keep cheaters wth modified games out of online play. BUT, if both games are modified the same way, there will be no "OUT OF SYNCH" error.

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i have the same problem. i emailed WW and they told me to reinstall too. didnn't help a bit. changed the whole setting,found a new version of a VXD file WW suspected of .. still, nothing...

downgraded two comps to win95, still nothing

win2000...... still won't work

i can say i spent about 74 hours trying to work out this thing and i can say only this:

WESTWOOD made some good mistakes in the network scripting/programming

and they wont fix it....maybe because their errors are so creative.......

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