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  1. The only reason i dont like blackice is that for the most part its features are not compatible with win2k, elsewise i'd use it :P
  2. The reason i recommend ghosting is because it is a pain to re-install your OS, when using Norton Ghost i can have a completly loaded OS with important things (like drivers, M$ Office, SiSoft Sandra, etc) already installed in less than 15 mins (using a SCSI backup device like Peerless or Jaz, its a little longer if you use CDR/Ws). I have saved countless hours of headaches just poping in my backup cartridge and loading a complete fresh copy that works, without installing programs and OSs. I like IE5.5 because it is more secure than IE6, and it also uses fewer resources.
  3. Naw, if you need to do some programming, go for Visual Studio 6 Enteprise edition, its great for database work. If you cant afford VS6 Enteprise, go for professional, its fairly cheap. And for images, use PSP7. Its expensive, but it does an awesome job. Hmm... heres what else:-WinAmp-Norton AntiVirus 2002-Windows 2000 (its a great OS, most stable Win32)-IE 5.5- http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com (If you dont know, you NEED to go there)-Windows Media Player 8 (Videos, RealOne bites)-WinZip and WinRAR (Yes, because WinZip really sucks with RARs and CABs, and WinRAR is really bad with ZIPs and TAR files)-ZoneAlarm (Pro or Free)(If you got broadband, use this!)-Microsoft Office 2002 (AKA XP, How do you guys forget such an important piece of software?)-AdAware (kills bad bad spyware)-NO FILESHARING UTILITIES! (these things are like the black plauge security and virus wise)-Norton Ghost (If you need to make backups)Get a large capacity storage device, like CDRW or peerless. I love my peerless drive, its saved my stupid file erasing paranoid ass more than once.*** Anti-Software Pirating / Warez Statement ***I personally hate warez, its a good way for companies to lose business, and if you get caught with it, you can be prosecuted. Its not worth the 10k fine PER INSTANCE (so, if you have 2 warez programs, you get slapped with up to 20K in fines). Also, it robs developers (like me) of hard earned money. Unless you write software, or websites, you can't honestly say that developers didn't earn and deserve the money for the business that was stolen. Copying HTML code from a site without the authors permission is STEALING! And is just as bad as software pirating.So, kids, just dont do warez, and keep Hadaken happy!
  4. Are both machines running the same verson of Dune2k? Does either one of the installations use a NOCD hack? If so, make sure BOTH machines are running the NOCD hack. Both games need to be the same version, and if one is modified (no matter how) the game will report "OUT OF SYNCH" errors. This was usually to keep cheaters wth modified games out of online play. BUT, if both games are modified the same way, there will be no "OUT OF SYNCH" error.
  5. Have you tried to set the processor affinity to your primary CPU? Some games have a cow when you dont force all of their threads to run on one CPU, also, make sure your video driver is set to work on the Primary CPU. If all else fails, forcing the game to use Win98 compatibility mode will make the game load all threads and processes onto your primary CPU. ( to make a program use win98 compatibility mode, right click on the shortcut, go to properties, and check the compatibility tab). I got Emperor to work on my quad and dual CPU rigs running win2k SP2, I just had to set CPU affinity for the quad, and compatibility mode on the dual. Also, you'll need at least 512MB of ram, the win2k multi CPU kernel is very resource intensive. :P Good Luck, i know this fixes my problems with machines using Intel Sitka (Quad pIII) and Tyan Thunder K7 (Dual AMD) motherboards, but solutions vary, and some may just absolutly hate EBFD. (Oh, did you install motherboard specific miniport/AGP drivers?)
  6. Konqueror! (actually, using windows, IE5.5 and win2000 all the way ::) )
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