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Well i have bene writing a dune stargate crossover thing. would all you dune fanatics plese give some ideas?



Jack looked at genral hammond curisly not knowing how to respond to what genral hammond just said.

So let me get this right you want us to go to a desert world just to look for some orange sand? Danial asked.

Yes. soon after a probe made it threw the stargate it detected a strange mineral in the sand ahead.Genraal hammond responded.

Why not just send another probe in the pick it up? Jack asked.

Becouse evre probe we have sent has bene lost.Genral hammond then turned on a local moniter showing the tape from one of the probs recorder. it showed movement in the small rock formation 1/2 mile ahead of it. it proceded to roll out into the sand and take mineral samples. after this it started headed back at the stargate wene the video feed started shaking. first slightly then in a few sconds it was shaking so bad the video feed went out.

We will send Sg-1 along with Sg-6 and Sg-9. Sg1 will patorl the stargate. Sg-6 will collect some of this mineral. Sg-9 will explore the this land mass.

"Sound like a peice of cake ".replied Jack. As they all left the breiging room. on the way to colect there gear Jack ran into Major Wilingstein. "Whoops". said the Major sarcasticly. Colonel O. Neil ignored him. Him and Wiligstein had bene rivals since there cadet days.alwas trying to out do each other in testes exercises ect.Wilingstein was about 5'8 with blackish brown hair, he had a scar that looked like a check mark under is left eye. Willingstein was flying near China wene his spy plane crashed into a chinise jet . Soposendly he was flying drunk. insted of a discharge they sent him to work with Jack. Wilingstein had bene asighed to Sg-9. Before Jack could get to the equitment room. he heard Genral Hammonds voice.

"Jack i need to talk to you".

"What is it sir."?

"Its about Major Willingstein".

"You mean the short,rat faced little."

"Yes Jack. I want you to try to keep your personal agendas seprate from the mission."

"Yes Sir."

"Sg-1 proceded to the Gate room along with Sg-6 and Sg-9. The stargate began dialing.

Chevron 1 engaged.

Chevron 2 engaged.

Chevron 3 engaged.

Chevron 4 engaged.

Chevron 5 engaged.

Chevron 6 engaged.

Chevron 7 engaged.

Wosh the Star Gate engaged. The teams proceded Causionly up the ramp and into the stargate.



this Storry is copy right of exatreides and any one who wishes to steel it will be hunted down by my goons.

who will get mid evil on your ass. i will be watching from my yacht as the cops fish your bloated carcas

out of the water.

This is not a threat its a warning.


Orods 45 and i brainstormed on AIM. but i was wondering what your guys thoughts were.

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Very nice...Hear's my take on the thingie:

StarGate Episode #453 "Persona Non Grata"

Chevron 1 engaged. Chevron 2 engaged. Chevron 3 engaged. Chevron 4 engaged. Chevron 5 engaged. Chevron 6 engaged. Chevron 7 engaged. *StarGate is activated* The probe goes through the stargate. "Probe has gone through", said control. General Hammond watches the video feed coming from the probe as he drinks his morning coffee. After a few minutes of roaming around, the feed shows a little girl in black run across. The screen shows a knife coming down on the probe, and the monitor goes black. "What in the hell?", Hammond asked himself. <Dissolve>

*Start StarGate Theme*

*Cast sits around in the briefing room*

"To get to the point, we sent in a probe to Coordinates 94-1039, an uncharted planet. The video feed, as you can see, shows a desert terrain. A little girl is shown, then a knife comes down on the probe, and the feed is lost.", Hammond explains. "A...knife?", O'Neill asked. "We have no information, but the probe did take samples and shows safe amounts of the oxygen among other gases. You guys are taking this one, so gear up.", Hammond said. <Cut to next scene>

Control announces "Chevron 1 engaged, chevron 2 engaged, chevron 3 engaged, chevron 4 engaged, chevron 5 engaged, chevron 6 engaged, chevron 7 engaged." *StarGate is activated* SG-1 walks through. The team opens their packs and reads the data shown on the devices. "Jesus it's hot.", O'Neill observed. "O'Neill, we may have a problem.", Teal'C said. The team looks up from their devices to see them surrounded by people in black suits, then gets up quickly aiming their weapons. "Look at their eyes, no white - just blue.", Jackson said. As the team realizes they are outnumbered, they lower their guns. "Uh, we come in peace?", O'Neill said, intimidated. O'Neill walks a number of steps to the people. The circle of people yell unintelligible words, while raising their weapons, and start running towards SG-1. "Go go get out of here!", O'Neill yells. Carter rushes to the dialer and starts pressing the combinations. "It would be a good idea to hurry it up!", O'Neill yells, as he runs back to the StarGate. *StarGate activated* The team runs through it, and Control quickly closes the iris. SG-1 hears thuds on the iris, then silence. As O'Neill catches his breath, Hammond yells, "What in the hell happened on there?". O'Neill replies, "Let's just say...they aren't the friendly bunch." <Dissolve> <Roll credits>

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Ok, forgive me if I accidently give some more ideas I said last night.

Like you said they go through the gate and encounter the Fremen. FIght ensues until Daniel and Paul get their repsective sides to stop fighting...unfortunately the DHD is shattered (I think we said it would be in the brainstorm session) and SG-1 is stranded. One of the team is captured by Harks. Daniel gets addicted to spice. Teal'c and the Bene Gesserit get along great *shudders* Oh and Jack gets to shoot the Emeperor if they meet him.

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UP Date

Chapter 2

They steped on to the hot dry Rock. they came out in what seemed to be a cave. some steps leading up to a small platform and and a open door.

"Major" .Jack said.

"What"? The Major responed.

"Take your team up to that rock formation".

"I Read the breifing. I know what to do.

"Whatever." Said Jack trying not to lose it.

"Captin Robert take your team and go get some sand." Jack Orderd

"Yes Sir."

Teal'c lets set up defenses. Jack looked back at Teal 'c who was already setting up some automated 50 caliber mechine gun. On the platform above them.

Jack if you dont mind i'm going to take a look at that writng. Daniel said.

"No. go ahead."

"Teal'c you want to come along"? Daniel. asked.

"Sure Daniel. Teal'c responded. done with The auto gun.

Sir. "I'm going to take some more readings".

Go ahead Carter.

With nothing much to do Jack walked up the stairs leaned back and yawend. In the corner of his eye he seen Sg-6 colecting some sand.He picked up the radio.

"Sg-6 what percent are you complete?

"30%. Sir".

Jack looked out at the team. Wich was about a half mile away to the north.. located about 2 miles east north east of the rock formation.

Before he could say anything he seen some sand rising from the sand about a half mile away from the team.

What the hell is that he thought to himself.

"Captin get out of there."

" 70% percent complet sir".

" Get out of there."

"But sir."

Thats a order capetin.

He turned of the radio and looked at the rising sand.

"Jack took a drink from his cantein and looked out at Sg-6 only about a foot ball field out. the rising sand mass was only about 50 yards behind them.

"come on come on". Jack said to himself.

Sg-6 was only about 25 yards away. the sand mass was closing fast 25 yards away.

They were ten yards away from the cave.

"Oh god. I never turned off the auto gun."Jack Thought. before he could turn off the auto gun one of the men dived in.

The auto gun fired and tore the first man to ribons.

Jack turned off the auto just before the scond man jumped in. One by one they jumped in untill they were all inside.

Jack ran over to the first man. it was Captin Robert. his head shot right off. and the rest of his body torn to ribbons.

Carter ,Daniel, and Teal'c heard the gun fire and came runing out.

"What is That."Daniel asked looking at the strange creature turn and slide away.

" A adult goul'd?" asked Carter?

"I do not think so carter Goul'd s live in strems and rivers not in the desert". Teal'c responded.

" What happend Sir"? Asked Carter pointing at the blody carcase that had once bene Robert.

"Captine Robert. Jack said slowly.

"Sir any word from Sg-9"? Asked one of roberts men.

" No word from them." Aswerd Jack.

"What now"? Daniel asked?

"We wait the 48 hours for them to come back." Aswerd Jack.

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Chapter 2 fix added read on.

They steped on to the hot dry Rock. In what seemed to be a large dark room they turned on there flash lights to find a hall way directly in front of them. the hall way was about 30 feet long with lots of strane writing on the wall. At the end of the hallway were holes carved out of the rock big enough for two people on each side. they came out in what seemed to be a in a circuler cave with a diamiter of about thirty feet. Some steps that seemed wide enogh for 10 people, leading up to a large platform and and a open door.

Chapter 3 coming along.

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I'm gonna act like those people who find a fault in everything:

The Stargate is a portal through different places in the universe, not across time. The Fremen, Atreides, and Harkonnens weren't even thought of when the Stargate was used, as in the series.

Ok I'm out of that phase...

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Actually it is a time travel device as well. They found this out in one episode when an accident occured and a solar anomoly or something coincided with it. They were sent back to the 1960's. Normally though it would not be a time travel device. So many freak accidents at once made it into one just for that episode.

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Chapter three update not all the way done.

___________________________Chapter 3_______________________

Not much happen in the next two hours. they sent the remains of Captin Roberts back home. and brought in some more water. Jack finished with his job as sentery woke Corpral Sharpie. and walked down the staris to find daniel reading form one of his books.

"Hey Daniel you find out any thing out about that writing"? Jack asked.

"No not a thing i have cross checked them with all my books and still nothing".Dainel respondedd solomly. Jack yawed. I'm going to catch some sleep wake me wene the suns up. Jack said.

Sure Jack. Daneil said. Jack layed down right at the foot of the stairs.

He was only a sleep for about a half an hour wene the phhhh phhhhh of a staff weapon awoke him. He snaped up and looked up. a strange hooded man witha knife fell on him Dead. he pushed the body off him and looked up at the stairs. Three or four figuers were lying on the platform he idenified one of the as being Corpal Sharipe. The others he could not idenifye becouce there bodeys were coverd by strange looking robes.He looked back at the hall way whare Teal'c and Carter were. He grabed his weapon and started running the thirty foot distane between him and the wall. darts and bullits landing on all sides of him. He jumped the last 3 feet into the hall way and rolled into the little side noke whare Carter was, Teal'c was in the opisit one.

"Carter." Jack screemed.

"Carter."Jack repeated.

"What the hell happend?"Jack asked again.

"Why isint that fifty on??!?!??!?!

We thouht it was Sg-9 sir. Corpral Sharpie recived the Sg-9's Signal so he radioed us. we got in here just after Sharpie went down. Carter Awserd.

3 hooded men eneterd the door way. Phhh phhh Teal'c fired.Carter turned and fired at the hodded men then ducked back into the little noke.Whare is Daniel and Sg-6? Jack asked

"There dialing up sir."Carter responed

Jack turned and fired then ducked back into the noke. Phhh phhhh Teal'c did the same. another hodded men apeared and fired a rocket right Down at them. the rocket missed but exploded about 5 feet away from Teal'c. The concousion seemed to nock Teal'c right on the ground his staff weapon fley out of his hand and lay in the hall way. One of the hodded yelled somthing. and 20 of these hodded men came running thrue

"Oh hell." Jack thoguht to himsellf while lifting his gun up to fire. Before him or carter fire he heard someone yell what seemed to be a order all the hooded men shethed there knives and kneeled.

Hope it is better. tell me what you think.

and about the time thing maybe the worm hole passed close to a black whole skimming the event horizen. but not enough to pull it in.

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______________________Chapter 395_________________________

Daniel finally find Shaury, return to Avidos and create a family with 6 children, later Daniel abandon Shaury, back to earth and become a drunk and bitch usual guest.

Jack kill Apofis bloodly and proclaims himself new God but promise never try to conquest earth.

Tilk and Carter marry before and brutal orgy where the ghoaul visit all Carter

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Alex. Sha'uri died in the episode "Forever in a Day"

Teal'c is spelled like this.

And it's not ghoulas or whatever...its Go'uld.

I know you intended to flame Ex but managed to get to me instead by insulting a show I like.

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oh ok Alex. Thankfully no Jaffa were left to take Sha'uri to the sarcophagus. (did I spell it wrong?) So we killed her off for good...unlike Apophis who is still bugging everyone in Season5 and as almost as many deaths as the season #. So Daniel got a new mission to find Sha'uri and Apophis's child which contained all the knowledge of the Go'uld. blah blah blah blah, I know you get the point he eventually does find the kid and lets some alien take care of it because the alien had been protecting it, you know we encounter it a few more times until whenever the new season comes out on Showtime. I know it is scary that Sha'uri hasn't come back from the dead though, who knows maybe in season 6.

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Who needs the Jaffa? Shauri was put in the sarcophagus by a group of human child that was playing with the bodies of the dead without knowledge of the sarcophagus function.

Daniel found the Apofis son and adopted him, he reveal Daniel all the Goauls knowledge after kill him with all the hate of his hearth

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Dune and Stargate follow the same basic plot, a plot which has been told a million times before and will be told a million times again.

A stranger arrives in another land, encounters the natives, is forced to flee to them when the others who came with him are killed by the lands creul tyrants, the local inhabitants think he is a god, the outlander leads a rebellion and frees the people.

So much for StarGate and Dune being nothing alike.

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