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A lot of new Emperor maps released this month, 10 so far, and we have only just passed the half way mark. There is even a new Dune 2000 map if you are still playing that. A big thanks goes out to some of the more busy map makers of late, Rigel6669, Timm, Lisa, and Ixianmace, keep up the good work guys.

On the Editing front there has also been a lot of progress in a variety of areas. Emperor mods released so far this month include FED2k Heroes (Beta) and Infantry Wars. A new version of Adrian's XBF Viewer is now available. This version adds the ability to to convert the text file version of an XBF file back into an XBF file. Adrian has been doing a great job decoding the XBF files for use in mods, be sure to thank him.

There are also some newly announced Dune based mods for other games including Renegade, Half-Life, and Star Trek: Elite Force 2.

Renegade: Battle for Dune already has some screenshots available including the Atreides Barracks and some ingame shots. So far it looks to be progressing pretty well and the models they have done look fairly accurate.

Both Dune: Tahaddi Al-Burhan, the Elite Force 2 mod, and the Dune I remake using the Half-Life engine are still early in development. Be sure to give both a look and help them out if you are able to.

There is also a Red Alert 2: Dune mod underway. The link contains images of some units already developed and more details on the project. Let Major_Gilbear know if you have any experience and can help him out.

neonext has started on a new version of his Dune II clone which is getting closer to completion. He has been posting updates on his progress and should hopefully have a release ready for us soon.

Both Stefan and TonyD are still working on their Dune II clones but progress has been slow due to other commitments.

PlanetCNC posted late last week that there were some new faces at Westwood and more importantly that Brett Sperry was no longer listed on the Company Profile page. Brett was one of the co-founders of Westwood and producer of Dune II. It should be interesting to see what he is up to now that he has left Westwood.

Chris Rubyor has also left his post, but not the company, instead he has moved on up to become part of the development team on a "next-generation" title being developed by Westwood. There should be a new community manager coming in to take over his position although it looks as though they will deal with just the C&C line of games.

Thats about it for now. Be sure to check out our Emperor tournament where you could win a copy of C&C Generals!

Update: Forgot to mention the announcement of Dune IV, a TS conversion, and the release of a Warcraft III map both by Caid Ivik. Be sure to give them a look.

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Hey thanks for posting news about Dune: TAB. The tech tree is nearing completion.

Just so everyones aware, the site link is:

http://dune.r8.org, and not directly pointing to the pages which contain the news. Within a few hours, I'll have some new code on that site which will automatically redirect returning visitors, who have seen the intro.

Linking directly prevents the window from maximizing.

Oh and to join the team you could send me a pm, or an email. Thanks for your interest guys! 8)

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