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Poll: The Childeren of Dune Movie

Muad dib

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I'll watch it on TV (with the condition that I don't ahve a mid-term during it) get my brother to tape it, and if it is good get the special edition DVD that invariably coems out two years after a film is released. But only if it's good.

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While I was surfing through the sci-fi pages of dune, I foung the family tree at this site,


This is weard, it shows that all of them are related and how come they dont react to this?

Like in the first movie, Jessica was to have a girl and that girl was to be with Fey.

I dont understand this.

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All the families are related. What's not to understand?

I've also got to change my initial answer to your poll.

I might be able to see the first two episodes, but not the third. I won't be able to get it taped. I'll probably end up renting it when it comes out on DVD in order to see it, and, once again, if it is good, I'll wait the two years and buy the special edition DVD.

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