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Red Faction

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Fine, Ex. Then I will continue it.

Just so you know the main characters, here they are:



And Parker.

OK, here we go!

Parker and Orion followed Woody through the steel doors, and into a cramped elevator. The three said nothing until they reached the floor that Eos was on.

"Good luck-Eos is probably gonna royally chew you up."

Woody murmured, then went back to his post.

They found Eos in a food storage room, with three new recruits.

She turned around and faced Orion, looking stern.

"Where have you been?"

She asked curtly.

"Err, just recruiting some new people."

Orion answered quickly.

She brightened up at once.

"Really? How many did you get?"

"Uggh..1. Parker, introduce yourself."

She shook Parker's hand.


"Eos. Alright, sit down, Parker, and listen to the Red Faction rules."

Kinda short, I know, but I have writers block and my mom is practically breathing down my neck.

OK,modified so that it doesn't have those question marks now.

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ill continue.

As Eos told the new recruits the Red Faction rules Parker started to doze off. Couldn't Eos speak in a less monotone voice?

As Eos finished all the recurist stood up...all that is except for Parker, who was sleeping in his seat.

Eos glared at Parker and left the room muttering something about "a little surprise."

the recurits followed her.

Orion looked at Parker and shook his head before following the others out.

When Parker woke up he found himself stareing down the barrel of an assualt rifle held by an Ultor guard.

He was just about to scream when the guard laughed...a laugh that sounded just like Orion's voice...

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Heh,good one, Clanner.

The laughing man stopped laughing abruptly and took off his helmet.

Parker sighed a sigh of relief.

It WAS Orion.

Then Orion started talking in a serious tone.

"THIS is what'll happen if you fall asleep during a battle.Now get to the training chamber. Eos and the other recruits are over there."


Parker quickly went to the training hall, only to be greeted by Eos.

"Well, if it isn't Mr.Sleepytime."

She sneered.

Then,before he could answer,

"Get to work!"

So Parker started on the pushups,with another new recruit....

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"Hey, my name is Parker.Whats yours?"


"How'd you get here?"

"Well,I thought that maybe it would straighten me out my life,and get me some...err...."

He blushed,then continued.

"Get me some....girls."

He expected PArker to laugh, but he didn't.

"Cool.I came here just to straighten out my life a bit."


They trained in silence until the training was over.Then they moved on to the weapons armory...

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When they arrived at the armory, Eos gave them each an old,unloaded Sig Saur handgun.

"If you're going to work for Red Faction, you have to know how to shoot."

She explained to them casually.

"Now, the first thing you NEED to know is how to aim.You see that little jutting metal piece?That acts as a crosshair.Now,you will always shoot a LITTLE bit lower than the crosshair.For example, if you shoot at someones chin, you're probably going to hit the neck."

She gave them each one bullet.

"Now-Who wants to volunteer to shoot me?"

The cadets looked at her as if she was crazy.

"Dont worry,"She laughed.

"I have steel armor on."

Then Parker volunteered.

"Good!Now,shoot me right in the chest."

He looked hesitant, but took careful aim and shot.

The bullet went in, but Eos didn't seem affected at all...

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Parker was wondering why she hadn't even flinched when he realised that a bearby window had a brand new bullet hole in it. He had totally missed Eos and had hit a window. He could hear the recurits behind him laughing. When Eos spoke, however, it was an entirely different story.

"What's so funny?"

"Ma'am," Toip said, "he couldn't even hit you."

"Its called Polar bullets you moron. You are shooting Polar bulets. This means that if you were to shoot yourself in the foot it wouldn't hit you. However I can't say the same for that useless lump of skin and bone you call a head. Why don't you try using it for something else other than staring at my ass as I walk."

Toip was silent for the rest of the training.

Parker tried to meet up with him afterwards but he didn't want to do anything. He just talked about returning to work. Parker shrugged and followed him to the elevator that would take them both down to mine M-4.

Eight hours later they had finished and Toip finally spoke.

"C'mon Parker, shift's over."

As Toip was walking a guard stopped him.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"Just let me go its been a long day."

"Well its about to get even longer!"

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(Note:Clanner or whoever will continue this story, please don't kill Toip, as I want to make him Parker's best bud.

Toip stared at the guard, then at Parker. Parker nodded.

Toip sighed, and then started following the guard along with Parker.As they walked, Parker nudged him,and raised his hands over the guards head.Toip nodded excitedly.

Parker brought his hands down-hard, on the guards head, who gave a small grunt and fell down.

Parker leaned down and took an Assault rifle and gave Toip a pistol...

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Suddenly Parker heard a 'click' behind him and thought to himself, {its all over}. He closed his eyes and heard a gunshot but when he opened his eyes he saw that he was still alive.

He looked over at Toip and saw his pistol with a wisp of smoke at the end of the barrel.

The expression on Toip's face was frightening. He was....gleeful.

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Toip laughed gleefuly,and said,

"Lets go kill some Ultor!"

And started heading towards the exit. Parker, however, stopped him.

"No!We can't just go wasting bullets and--"

He was interrupted as an Ultor guard turned the corner,without noticing them.

Parker grinned.

"Well....maybe just this once.Care to do the honours?"

Toip looked gleeful.

He took careful aim,and shot. The shot hit the guard in the middle of the chest.The guard grunted, and slid to the floor.

Parker took an Assault Rifle and gave it to Toip.

"Its yours,since you made the kill."

Toip grinned and took it.Parker took a stun baton from the guard's side.

"Lets go."

Parker said urgently,and they slid back down the passage to the Red Faction base...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just as they got there Parker heard a whistling sound, ducked, and narrowly missed getting his head blown off by a rocket.

Parker turned and saw an Ultor assualt team standing behind him.

Three guards with Heavy Machine guns, two with normal rocket launchers and one with a heavy fusion rocket launcher.

Parker yelled at Toip but Toip wasn't there.

He looked around and started yelling for help, and then he noticed a flickering light in the corner...more like a flickering rock. Suddenly he realised where he was, just as a fusion rocket came screeching towards him.

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"Bang, Parker. Youre dead."

Parker opened his eyes and saw Eos standing above him. He looked around and saw that he was in the holo-simulator.

He couldnt believe that his training was this intense.

As he gotup Eos said, "Parker get out of here, youre too tired to keep working and besides its your shift if im correct."

parker nodded and walked out of the red faction base.

hours later he heard the speaker in his helmet say "the second work shift has ended, all miners must return to their barracks."

parker started walking and then another miner yelled at him.

"cmon parker, shifts over."

that miner walked up to a guard and the guard stopped him.

"where do you think youre going?"

"just leave me alone its been a long day."

"its about to get even longer."

"just let me go or else."

"or else what?"

and with that the miner punched the guards faceplate, shattering it.

the miner's mouth was forming a smile when a bullet hole appeared in his helmet and he fell.

parker looked around, grabbed the guard's baton and killed the guiard with the pistol and got his pistol.

Parker then started making his way out of mining area M-4.

(lets all follow the game please)

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Parker turned around and blasted another guard with his pistol and then he almost fainted dead away from happiness.

the guard was holding a heavy machine gun. with full ammo. with a gleeful smile he took it and began hunting for guards!

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