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Short story


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  • 2 weeks later...

red and blue lights filled the air as police choppers floated by the alley"Its too risky now, lets ditch!" yelled Havoc to the other gangters. As he ryan the syringe with blue liquidded dropped ground shattering. the blue substance was everywhere now.

"Wheres the Palidium?" asked Diablo, the leader of Anthrax. "Right here boss," replied Havoc showing diablo a vile of clear liquid. "You fool!" screamen Diablo slapping away the vile out of Havocs hand, sending it to floor where it shattered."That is Zolician!" screamed Diablo again.

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Blood trickled down Ryans leg. He sat up and started searching for his glasses, He felt something smooth and cold. Grasping the object in his hand, his hand was shot with pain. Blood gushing from the multiple lacerations. Taking a piece of clothe he wrapped the hand to slow the bleeding. Finaly finding his glasses Ryan puts them on. Looking at his hand, Ryan notices blue liquid seeping into his hand from the shards of glass in his hand.

"You gave him Palidium?" Diablo screamed, blood vessels popping in his neck. Creating an array of red dots."We have no clue what that stuff does, besides the military will notice the mutation oh his genes when he goes the the hospital because of frequent seizures," Diablo told Havoc alot calmer now. The red on his neck fading. Havoc nervous of Diablos next move quickly stated"We didn't actually give him the injection, it fell on the groung, the syringe that is, shattering." "Well at least he doesn't have the crap in him. We need more tomorrow we make another raid. Get Raven, Bhall and Maruader."....

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A tall stocky man about 6'5" walked in the room his hair jet black cut down to the scalp. His brown skin was covered in black tribal tatoos he wore framless black oakleys was dressed in a looses black shirt with black hakamas."Bhall, raven and maurader have left to get this little puke...uhh... Oh yea Ryan. I want you to steal more palidium and bring raiden. Oh and no messy stuff you swigging freak," Diablo told Bhall hidding his anger at Havoc and realizing bhall will help him get the chemicals to professor Zoindike

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