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Dune A New Start


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Ok this is a remix of the great Dune A New Beginnging thread, except that since I am here a lot I will be swarming over god modding with a golden eye. If I tell you to edit something largly because of god modding do it.....


- You can pick a House already existing or factions but no new Houses or groups.

- No chemical, biological, nuclear, space based weaponary

- No invisable crap

- Be realilistic on timing, do not say "Oh well half of the Harkonnen army has arrived on Arrakis." Well if you didn't tell about them leaving in a ATLEAST 5 sentence format atleast 4 posts before then it doesn't count and is considered GM. ( O.C.C - Ex I will need your wacthful eye on timing here )

- No killing other peoples planets, launching pods (VIGIL) or shooting crap on their planet, running away and saying ahaha. Or like no sayin we have taken over your nukes on YOUR planet, do as we say.

- Loosing battles is not BAD! Makes things more realilistic, but if you always loose cause of a GD'er tell me.

- No messing with Arrakis, I don't want mechanical worms or..... << Shutters >> controlled dust storms.....This is a real thread, that kinda stuff never ever happened in Dune.

- Remember your Houses's economy isn't invincable and Guild transportation costs A LOT, so be mindful.

- We need a SENSIBLE EMPEROR! Not one that goes into battle anytime he gets bored.

- No I repeat NO Violations of the Great Convention, I repeat NO ONE meaning even the Emperor.

- 6-7 Paragraph minimum for large confrontations. And make sure your forces take damage in things....

Good luck and Enjoy!

O.C.C - I am House Atreides ;D.

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A frantic rustle of movement and voices moved about the castle. For today was the day that the Atreides took their part of the fief on Arrakis. Even though the total land was not incredibly spacious the Atreides were greatful that the Emperor have given them such a great chance to prove their worth even more in the Imperium.

Duke Leto sat in his small office looking at some papers regarding the Arrakis travels. The sun shone in from the open deck windows behind him and a gentle breeze swished throughout the office. Even though the fief would be something to celibrate in almost every concevable way the work had been even larger then the Duke himself thought.

A sudden tap on the door made the took look up. "Come in" he spoke questionaly, the door grayish blue door slid open and the mentat that had done so much for the Atreides over the years walked in, Thufir Hawat. He bowed and began to speak "M'lord, we must get moving for the thopters are waiting to take us to the starport and then to the-" "M'lord your sitting next to a open window!" A frown came across the Duke's face and Thufir began to speak again "Why M'lord thats even worse then your back to a door!"

Moaning the Duke got up and picked the documents up. He walked by Thufir and spoke "Right after you." The two walked out to the thopter.

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Guild represenative Andrew, is happy to see a new fief on arrakis, because this means change and change is good.

The Guild will be very lenient the first month of spice production, but after that, there is only 1 strike and your out.

The travel for House atreides to transport to Arrakis will be half price so you dont have to worry about it, and concentrate more on spice production.

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A few months ago the Duke had ordered mass production of harvesters and carryalls for Dune and he hoped to get a imediate jump on Spice harvesting once the Atreides forces arrived on Arrakis. Also the plan was to get spice production up 20% in the first three months, this would help the Imperium and he also did this to repay the Guild for cutting the travel price for his forces to Arrakis in half, he was extremly grateful for them helping the Atreides out like that.

He gazed upon the Starport, it was a round and incrediably wide gray structure that had room for many ships which was useful since such a large cargo was being transported to the desert waste land. The Atreides men, though eager to go to a new planet and help their House out still had worried faces across their faces, for this is where they left their friends and loved ones to show their loyalty for House Atreides. Though the Duke admired and demanded this loyalty he understood the grief that had temporarly taken over his soldiers, for his son John and his wife Jessica were to stay back on Caladan.

The Duke still gazing upon all the military and harvesting equipment was shaken back to reality by Gurney Hallack, a swords master and dear friend to the Duke. "M'lord dont worry, this is the right move, and we'll all be rich by the time this is over eh?" The grim face of the Duke turned into a grin "Oh please Gurney, you just want to kill some more things." Grunery broke out into a laugh "You know me oh to well M'lord."

Gurney also gazed upon the forces being moved onto ships and finally he spoke. "M'lord, Thufir has already gone on a ship and is on the hieghliner, your ship awaits, shall we go?" The Dukes grin turned grim once again. "Yes, go ahead and board, I shall be their in a minute." Gurney bowed and walked to the ship, and the Duke turned around for one last gaze upon his land. "I will miss this place, and my people."

Sighing he turned around and walked to his ship....

Message To Paddisah Emperor:

[hide]M'lord, our forces are moving out and have boarded the hieghliner, we are 7 days ahead of your deadline to be out, we will start miniing as soon as we land. I hope that by getting to Arrakis quicker then nessacary it will help the Imperium.

- Duke Leto, House Atreides


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Having already paid the Guild saved House Atreides a good amount of time in the hieghliner. The ships sat helpless in the large circular in width and straight in length grayish ship. The very princapel of folding space intreged the Duke, but even someone with his Imperitil status could not get the information on how this travel functioned.

Getting the message back from the Emperor was a relief, it was good to know that the Emperor was wacthing over this whole operation of all the Houses fief. The Duke stood by a window looking out, his golden colored room had bored him awhile ago and he had always been fascinated by space.

A sudden loud BAM happened and the Duke looked over to see Arrakis ahead of him. The Atreides ships began to move towards the planet......The Atreides fief on Arrakis had begun....

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The Duke arrived late that night on the desert wasteland. A stuffy air smell could be felt around all of the citie and palace the Atreides were staying in. After setting up they quickly got together all the spice crew men. "Ok men, tommarow we start the harvesting, do it well and we'll serve our part of the fief."

And with that the following morning the crews started harvesting spice. The worms started coming but the carryalls quickly picked them up before damage could be done. The Duke read over the required spice amount for the first day. 2,345 solaris. He looked over his charts the crews had collectec 5,678 solaris and that was on their first day, the whole Atreides division celibrated the sucess.

But the Duke still had one thing to worry about....The Fremen....

Message To Paddisah Emperor:

[hide]In the following are the first day spice recordings, I assume you'll be quite pleased.[/hide]

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I'll join :) House Hoches. My house is a mercenary house, and will work and do anything for the one who pays the most. Currently we are paid by the Harkonnen, and have established reconnaissance data pickup satellites(RDPS) in orbit of Arrakis currently collecting data on the Fremen. The Harkonnen realize the power of the Fremen, but are in the clouds as to the numbers of these people. I have information gatherers on the surface of Arrakis learning more about the Fremen, as Fremen themselves paid handsomely by the Harkonnen in affiliation with my house. My house orders all equipment from House Ix, our main supplier, with the money given by the Harkonnen eventually obtaining a profit.

The mildly-uniformed man stood firmly by the table, waiting for the exchange to take place. He looked across the table at the three men, debating the credibility and usage of the information the man had brought. This man was Arshik Hoches, the leader of House Hoches and established head of Treasury. The three men fell silent and stood up in a satisfied manner.

"We have gone over this information, and are disappointed with this information. However, it is satisfiably enough for the collective data and we give you the exchange." said the highest-ranked Harkonnen official.

I bowed and accepted the tube of money, knowing it fully paid off to House Ix and more so. I left quickly, and without warning. This was a successful exchange, I thought.

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The Atreides started giving free water out to the city people with the motto "We will share our wealth for the common good cause." And the people began to side with the Atreides. Representitives had been sent out to the Fremen and began talking allience with many siecthes.

Many new harvesters were beginning to be in service and carryalls were coming quickly behind, the Atreides had beaten all minimum requirments for spice each day by incrediable amounts. The Duke personaly sent out a representitive to talk with the IX.

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