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Trailer and Website Update


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During my daily tour of The Internet Movie Database and the official miniseries site I saw that in the features section the teaser trailer talked about yesterday is now online! I really reccomend seeing it as it is very, very well done.

The first image we see is a track of sand being blown up as if someone with super-speed was running across it, followed by some Fremen walking into a cavern towards what look to be other Fremen with guns. Then we have a shot of Ghanima or Alia (It looks more like Ghanima) with someone walking to her side. After this we have someone I can't identify walking into a great hall followed by gaurds, and this is followed by a shot of pilgrims or some group of people sitting down. Next, we have a shot with Leto standing in front of Alia in the throne room. Finally, we see a close up of Leto, where we see he has begun his transformation into the God-Emperor (It looks like it is also part of that scene with Alia).

The sound follows the pattern of the trailers for the last miniseries, with the music being rythmic, drum beats (although this time the music is much darker) and no dialogue is uttered during it.

This trailer is incredibly well done, especially for a teaser trailer, and I for one cannot wait for the full-length trailer. However, I am worried that they have Leto confront Alia in the throne room surrounded by so many people. That wasn't the way that happened in the book (thanks Earthnuker for confirming that). Makes me wonder what they ended up doing with both The Preacher and Alia's end....

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