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Move To New Board?

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The new messageboard is almost ready to go into action. But I wanted to know what you guys think. The new board won't have all the old messages moved over for a little while longer, I am waiting for them to write a conversion program, so it will be pretty empty. So should I open up the new one and allow posting on it as well as this one or just wait until they finish the conversion program?

BTW, the new board should fix that logon problem some people seem to be having. You can find it here:


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Well I don't know about anyone else but I have problems with this board remembering when I last visited and which threads I have/haven't read and it seems to always sign me out. The new board won't have that problem.

The YaBB board is also a lot newer and is being updated while the current one is rather old and updates now cost money. Check http://yabb.xnull.com for a complete list of features.

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Personally I would wait for the conversion program, just so we can all use those posts for future reference (esp. the tanks debate one).

But it's your board, up to you, I'm happy either way hehe

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