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www.dunenovels.com timeline updated, and....


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BH & KJA are very trilogy-oriented, aren't they? They stretch the Butlerian Jihad into three books, they stretch the prelude to Dune books into three books, in that audio interview off their site BH talks about having Dune 7 be stretched into three books... and now if you go to the timeline section of www.dunenovels.com you'll see that this apocryphal "Paul of Dune" mess is ALSO being stretched to three novels.

Go here to see:


I'm not too worried about things... as long as we get still Dune 7, if even just a third of it, after Legends of Dune as KJA told me. Remember, NO KJA/BH novel aside from Dune 7 has or will go off of any chapter-by-chapter outline written by Frank Herbert - Dune 7 and only Dune 7 will do that. In other words... Dune 7 won't be Frank's words, but it'll be as close as we'll ever get.

- Neo

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What are your opinions on the "Star Wars-ization" of the Dune Novels? The original six are the "real" books, but how much are you into the whole Dune world? Enough to read a new novel every year? (Or even every month like Star Wars books now?)

Other than these "young adult" Paul stories that BH mentioned , I'm not going to complain much about the BH/KJA stories. I did find the Prequel trilogy entertaining, and the Butlerian Jihad was an interesting story. (By the end of the book, cymeks weren't as stupid an idea as they were at the beginning) :)

With the original six books, there were large gaps of years left with only morsels of info provided for the reader. This never bothered me, as my imagination has filled in the gaps. Some of these gaps may make a good tale though.

The 15 years between House Corrino and Dune won't be necessary in my opinion, but what about:

[hide]-the Ghanima years of Leto II

-The Famine Times and the Scattering

-any other ideas?


(hidden for people who haven't been through all 6)

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