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reflect war


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I will be the UK.


No longer bound by European law the new UK has become a superpower, a rival to USA/Canada etc. It's main strengths lie in its troops loyalty. Their specially trained troops are the snipers, excellent marks men who, with their new weapons:telescopic zoom and the bullets are fired out at a speed of Mach 5, can take out men from over 5 miles away. They have a large navy which mostly consists of Nuclear Submerines and Aircraft Carriers equiped with the latest V/STOL planes (like the Harrier)

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3rd person mode:

japan shall reveal its plans to russia if russia would be so kind as to send an allie confirmation throught the IM system. however, until then....

japan begins deploying its mechs as naval units for some reason, and soon hundreds of mechs, also known as kikai, (japanese for machine) begin jumping into the sea in special submarine suits. meanwhile, japanese aircraft carriers with modified kikai begin to slowly move towards the island of new zealand, strangely not in attack mode. meanwhile, several dropships begin launch sequence for yet unknown destinations.

a dropship marked hidoi begins descent on europe.

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