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Sentient Life in the Duniverse


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Frank herbert did not write the prequels. Thats the first thing. Also vanguard is right. Alien just means different, unknown and so on. Dune has no other sentient life and if brian and kevin did put alien life in the series then I would respect it but kinda be sad. because the cool thing about Dune itself is its completely different from other sci fi novels. It takes rich cultures of our world and molds them into a futuristic novel.

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One small point regarding the "Pearl of awareness" that each and every post Leto worm carries, Its a plot device so that in future novels (bare in mind I'm speaking abour GeoD)he can introduce Sonya and not have her pulped.

He's not trying to state that the worms are in any way more aware than say the worm of Pauls time, Mearly that they have some kind of subconscious memory of the "Golden Path", and is that which you should keep in your mind when reading the books. To steal a quote from "Starship Troopers" we're in this for the species.

L8r peepS

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