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Sarduakar Art


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Also the main function of "primitive" weaponry. Thats what the baron called it. Was to force the atreides into the caves for an easy mop up. These old weapons seemed to be kinda un-chivalrous to people in the Dune universe. The weapons of the Dune universe and defenses they had made fighting very conventional. It turned fights into hand to hand combat. Las guns couldnt be used a lot because of shields, Tanks arent mentioned in the Dune books because infantry is favored to scour a planet or continant. War turned back to the "Time of the republic"

"A more civilized age" lol wink wink

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actually thats when las guns were put back to good use. Most of the time shielding was impossible for normal infantry. Fighting was on Dunes and on rock. So it was dangerous to use shields. Sardaukar are seen using las guns and also leto had one modified for his ornithopter.

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