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Thou Starcraft RPG...........


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Here is something new.

A online Kinda War thread based on....you guessed it..Stacraft(well tecnicily brood war...but lets not get into that)

Here are the rules.

You Do not control a faction. You control a character.

(Rank of captin or below)

You can not control general duke,Kerrigen,Infested Kerrigen,Raynor,Dugaul,or any other major character.

You can play as any specific unit.

Marine,Medic,Seige tank(deployed or undeployed) or any other specific unit for the terrens/Toss/zerglings.

You can not god mod.

Plese post speicifc things about your character

Character Name:



Please give a detailed description of your character's looks and clothing(scales...whatever the case maybe).


Who is your character? What makes them tick? What drives them to do what they do and act the way they act.? Include anything here that makes your character unique.


What does your character really want to do with their lives. how does their class limit their dreams?


Where did your character come from? What events in their lives shaped who they today. Please be specific.

Since this is Starcraft. No Magic is alowed.

Only one character.


The planet Juliaus. Vast Mineral and vespane giesers cover its surface, rich mineral reserves run across its surface. Its point in space if pivital.

It boarders Protos,Terren, And Zerg Territory on all sides. The UED are allso viaing for control of the planet.

No superweapons

Plese keep the weapons realistic for units (dont have terren marines walking around spitting acid at things ect)

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Charecter name: John C. Stonen, nickname ( Will be used instead of full name for story ) Hawk.

Age: 20, Born December 5 in G.E Hospital on land formally controlled by American powers before unified Earth.

Appearence: Black hair that is sometimes mated down or spiked. Slim but musculer man, about medium hieght, has a slim but hawk like face, always wears sun glasses that have blue glistening lenses, always wears Terran marine uniform ( lol dont know how to describe it, look at SC pic of it for refernence ).

Personality: Normally calm, understanding and heroic, sometimes gets cockey on the battlefield. Only gets ticked off because of supreme arrogence or error.

Dreams/Goals: Had a goal of being a soldier in the army ever since childhood, liked the looks and excitment of battle he got from the t.v shows and joined the army to find out it was a lot diffrent then the shows depicted, but quickly adapted. His goal - Kill as many as possible.

History: Grew up in with a loving father and mother, he willinly joined Military school and became a great marksman, he joined the fight against the Zerg/Protoss because he wanted his own version of heroism, always motivated by the speech his instructer Bryan Williams told him back in military school "One fights for what he wants, when one gets to fighting for it, that person will get doubtfull at times, do not let this doubt propel you into a horrible fate, fight for your belief with all optimism gone, and only your devotion to the cause to let you go on."

Job: Terran Marine Major.

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"Get in the dam bunkers!" screams of surprise rang throughout the base as men scattered to grab any weapons possible, no better then mice scurrying to left over food. Hawk grabing a rifle ran into a metal covered bunker, locked and loaded his gun and looked out upon on the green lush distence through the 10 feet wide hole in front of the bunker in which to shoot out of, faint black shadows were coming."Zerg" a man said grimmly that was standing next to him. Hawk just scouled at the man for piotning out the obvious, they were getting closer and closer. "FIRE AT WILL!" voices yelled in the distence, suddenly a gaint THUD as shots flew off from lined up siege tanks, nailing down many Zerg before they even arrived "RELOAD, RELOAD, HURRY!" tank operators yelled into the distence. But if was already to late, the oncoming Zerg onslaught was here, the dark red, and white hydralisks started running at the bunkers, Hawk aimed and pulled the trigger.......

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Name:Arach(Protoss RULE! :) )


Appearence:I dunno,just like any other Protoss Zealot :P Personality:Calm,controlling,savage and merciless in battle.

Goals:Uh....to serve.....

History:Blurred,he can't remember anything else than signing up for the army.

[hide]Rank:Protoss Zelot Major[/hide]

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Just to let you know, ther is magic in broodwar...

Name:Khachutal a'na' Furingschnaap[A zerg name that i made up]

Nickname: Blek

Apperance: Two razor-sharp blades. As big as a terran tank, and has huge teeth. It uses its blades to cut enemys up, and feeds on their insides...

Dreams/Goals: To Conquer everything in the entire universe.

History: Blek was the first of the overmind's hybriding experiment to change the DNA of the hydralisk. The experiment was succesful, and more hydra's DNA was tweaked. These massive beasts were named Ultralisks. Blek was first assigned to take out a protoss base. He lead the attack on the city, and decimated the entire city, with the help of a few hydras of course....

Job: Leed attack Ultralisk...

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John Krakskov

Proffesion: Ghost

Age: 26

Appearance: White skin, black hair, grey eyes. Average height, usually wears standard Ghost uniform

Brief history

John was one of the unlucky few selected for mental experiments for the Ghost project in the Confederacy. When the Sons of Korhal took over, he joined Mengsks dominion, but when he found out Mengsk wasn't any better then the Confederates, he deserted, and stayed low ever since, dealing with shady characters to make a living. He's also suspected to have been involved in several terrorists actions against the Dominion.

John is mentally unstable- he's paranoid, and over analytic. The experiments done on him has left a deep scar on his mind and cherishes a great distrust or even hatred to any form of organisation or government ever since he lost faith in the Dominion.

Goals: Sketchy. Over the past few years he had been trying to deliver damage to the Dominion. Lately he has been trying a nex approach, trying to convice other dissidents to his cause. However, he has no plans of what to do when he accomplishes his goal.

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