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Looking for In Depth descrptions of Dune planets

Mal Takana

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Can anyone supply me with sites or your own knowledge about various Dune planets culture,wildlife,politics,what the people are like etc.

The following I wish to know about most.

Geidi Prime



Salusa Secondus

It would be real nice if you can give me more elaborate info on these planets.

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Geidi Prime was once a prosperous planet,as Caladan is now,but(if you read the Butlerian Jihad)the thinking machines/cymeks(robots with human brains implanted into them)came and conviniently(sorry about bad spelling)made it into a hell-world,and even though the humans retook it,it was beyond repair. :)

Now,onto Caladan.In the begining,Caladan was very sparsley populated,and that is all I can tell you right now. ;)

Kaitan:Umm.....I don't knwo much about it,it has always been populated :P 8)

Salusa Secondus:Once a lush and fertile planet,somehow it turned into a hell world.

BTW,all this comes from the BJ.

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Selusa Secundus was once the capital planet of House Corrino and the Imperium, but then as said by Dunenewt, it was destroyed by a renegade house and the capital was moved to Kaitan. BTW, that is exactly what Domenic Vernius wanted to do to Kaitan, but didn't have time and instead blew up a factory on Arrakis filled with Sards.

Kaitan was not always populated - when Selusa Secundus was destroyed, it became a highly-populated planet.

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Selusa Secundus' wildlife is very unique - deadly D-wolves, Laza tigers and Salusan bulls. Only tough creatures like that can withstand the tough climate. It is also the training ground for Sardaukar.

Selusa Secundus rivals Arrakis in hardness of climate just like the Srads rival the Fremen ;)

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Giedi Prime:

Volcanic and nuclear wasteland. It has a few inhabitable regions and even a forest (I think it's called something like a forest outpost). The capital of Giedi Prime is Harko City, where the Harkonnen palace is usually located (under Dmitri Harkonnen the capital was in Dmitri city). It is the center of commerce and that is where the main starport is. In other, rural, areas there are villages, which are constantly troubled by Harkonnen soldiers who take away people to serve in mines and young women to.. err.. serve the soldiers.

Planet Ginaz:

The planet where the best of the best are trained - swordmasters. They go through over 9 years of rigorous tests and exercises under skilled masters until they become masters themselves. The training is extremely hard, less that a third of the trainees become swordmasters at the end. The rest either die or quit.

Is this in depth enough for ya ;) ?

I'll some about other planets too soon.

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