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18th Century Earth

Lord J

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Hey guys, I just wanted try something out here, I'm sick of the Medieval and Star wars, and I wanted to try some new rules, so here's:

18th Century Earth

Each player will either play a Nation fleet, protectecting the homeland against pirates and other nations, or a Pirate Clan, out for booty and sea domination.

I'm using a universal unit type and technology so we don't get involved in the super-battles that has made war posts in the Dune2k forums infamous, as well as unit caps and a steady flow of new units, so the game is based more on strategy than "I send 15,000 Battlecruisers to your planet and annihilate you!! MUAHAHAHA!"

Anyway, the normal posting rules apply, no killing the main characters, no double- or triple-postings, no flames, no cheating.

Unlike many of these games, 18th is based on, other than roleplay, simple number-crunching. For example: Pirate Clan A encounters Pirate Clan B, A is a fleet of, to keep things simple, 1 Destroyer and 2 Frigates, while B is comprised of 1 Cruiser.

The Destroyer and Frigates fire all weapons (4) against the Cruiser, which are absorbed by armor (10). The Cruiser returns fire (4), which destroys the Frigates' armor (2) and is absorbed by the Destroyer's armor (5). At the end of the first combat round, Clan A has 1 Destroyer with 3 remaining armor and Clan B has 1 Cruiser with 6 remaining armor.

In the second round of combat, the Destroyer is clearly outgunned by the Cruiser, with 4 Weapons and 6 Armor to 2 Weapons and 3 Armor leaving the Destroyer now with three options, fight and die, flee and live to fight again, or use a "Strategy" to win the battle.

If the Cruiser destroys the Destroyer, Clan B gains 4,500 GP for the killing, the value of 2 Frigates and a Destroyer. If the Destroyer flees, Clan B gains 2,000 for the value of the Frigates. If the Destroyer stays and uses a "Strategy", defeating the Cruiser, Clan A gains 5,000 GP.

One combat round equals one post. After a round is completed, armor is calculated, weapons are reloaded and the surviving ships go on to the next round.

GP (Gold Pieces) is the primary resource in the 18th, and is used primarily for ship purchase and trade. When not in battle, a ship or ships may be "sold" and rebuilt as larger or smaller ships.

"Strategy" may be used to allow one Clan or Nation to defeat superior forces. Within reason.

Nations may have the political status of War or Neutrality, but are not allowed to ally.

There is a limit of 5 Nations, and a minimum of 2 Pirate Clans for every Nation.

Pirate Clan

Starting Fleet: 1CR 5DS 10FR

Starting Money: 1,000 GP

Economy: 1,000 GP per post

Strategy: 1 every 3 posts

Special Abilities: "Cloak" (Pirate fleet assumes appearance of Nation fleet for 3 posts), "Alliance" (Pirate Clans may ally up to three clans for 10 posts)

Disadvantages: "Disease" (At discretion of "Dungeon Master", Pirate Clans may suffer disease, which kills off ships at a 10% per post rate until "Cure", inactivity for 1 post)

Pirate Clan Ship Limit: 5BS or equal


Starting Fleet: 1BS 2CR 10DS

Starting Money: 1,500 GP

Economy: 1,500 GP per post

Strategy: 1 every 5 posts

Special Abilities: "Reserve" (Nation fleet may temporarily add a 20% shipcount if battle goes on for 5 posts or more, or in case of war), "Bravery" (Nation ships may beat superior force, within reason, once every 5 posts)

Disadvantages: "Disertion" (At the discretion of "Dungeon Master", a Nation fleet may lose one ship, no larger than a Cruiser, to disertion)

Nation ship Limit: 10BS or equal

Ships and Specifications:

Battleship (BS)

Value: 10,000 GP

Armor: 20

Weapons: 8

Cruiser (CR)

Value: 5,000 GP

Armor: 10

Weapons: 4

Destroyer (DS)

Value: 2,500 GP

Armor: 5

Weapons: 2

Frigate (FR)

Value: 1,000

Armor: 1

Weapons: 1

I will play "Dungeon Master". When I first concieved of this, I envisioned the utilization crews, slaves, boarding values and three more ship types. I will create a few monsters natural disasters along the way, just to keep things interesting. If you have any questions or comments IM me.

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Shanisp? LOL

Hrmm, I'll send something to ya :)


Sensing a great disturbance in the water, the Pirate leader of the clan Nauta orders one of his men to the crow's nest to see what's going on.

Far ahead in the distance swims a great Sea Monster, such as the days of olde.

Lord Johnsonius, Dungeon Master of this realm decrees an order:

He who destroys this creature will benefit with not less than 20,000 GP.


The Sea Monster is outfitted with spikes and firey breath, bringing his Weapons count up to 20 and having heavy organic armor over his body, his armor count is 30. Because this Sea Monster is an organic creature native to the water of Earth, he will regain 10 Armor points every combat round.

Good luck Sard :)

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I guess i'll join then. I'll be the


Rautrik Pirates Guild



We are a guild of pirates and we enjoy the suffering of others. We like war and destroying things. We have:

Fleet: 1CR 5DS 10FR

Money: 1,000 GP

Clan Ship Limit: 5BS or equal

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The entire fleet of the Nauta clan attacks the sea monster,

Round 1: all my ships fire at the monster levving whit only 6 armor left. the monster attacks and kills my CR.

Round 2: the monster regenerate back to 16.

the Nauta fleet fires dealing 20 damege, killing the Serpent.

bying a battelship for 10.000

gp: 12.000

fleet at 5 DS and 10 FR,

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Hrmm...Nah, the total weapons spread out evenly among the ships. If you use the mathmatic equasion I used above...

Note: this post is out of character and only for an example.

Your 1CR, 5DS and 10FR attack the Monster, your weapons combine at the strength of 24. The Monster then attacks with 20 against your fleet.

At the end of the first combat round, the Monster has a remaining armor of 6, and your fleet has the combined remaining armor of 25.

Second round begins and the Monster is restored to an armor rating of 16. Depending on your losses in the last round of combat (1CR 2DS, 4DS, 10FR 2DS, 1CR 10FR, 1CR 1DS 5FR, It's up to you, since you're attacking), you will attack with either 10, 13 or 16. Then the Monster attacks with 20. At the end of round two, depending on what you attacked with, the monster is brought down to armor 6 or 3, or is destroyed. Your fleet is brought down to armor 5 and you recive the 20,000 GP.

If you wait a little and build a few Frigates or a Destroyer, or wait until you have access to a "Strategy", those may play a part in the battle. Good luck!


BTW, Sard, read above :)

"One round of combat equals one post." I'll overlook it for now.

Another Sea Monster is seen on the far horizon.

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Hrmm, yeah, except on the last combat round. Armor is calculated *after* shots are fired, so you suffered the loss of 20 more armor points.

Let's say you lost 3DS and your 10FR. Sorry if the Monster seems a little tough...I don't like making things too easy :)

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No Twin-Head, I understand Sard's battle containing the two rounds in one post is not legal, but I said "I'll overlook it". Provided he agrees to lose the 3DS and 10FR.

The Nauta Pirates have 23,000 GP and 2DS.

The Rautrik Pirates have 1,000 GP and 1CR 5DS 10FR.


Sard has posted three valid posts, earning them a "Strategy" point.

This is the first "Strategy" point in the game, so I will explain it's purpose and use.

The use of a "Strategy" point allows a ship to destroy a ship one level above or recover 50% armor between rounds. A "Strategy" point may also be sold for 5,000 GP.

Two "Strategy" points may be used to nullify each other.

"Strategy" points may not by bought or traded.

If Sard does not agree to the loss of his 3DS and 10FR, Twin-Head's strike is validated, and he recieves the 20,000 GP as well as the 1,000 GP for his post.

The new Sea Monster heads nearer to the source of disturbance, and can be seen easily.

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Well, Normally a Sea Monster fires 20 points of damage, and you had a total of 51 armor when you attacked...So, Let's just say your CR absorbed 9 and your DS, 3 each. Since you managed to kill him in one combat round, and your ships only had a combined weapons rating of 33, I'm assuming you used your "Strategy" point.

So your fleet is whole, and you'll have to wait three more posts until your next "Strategy" point.

Cracking open the carcass of the gigantic Monster, you find 20,000 GP and a note from the Dungeon Master:

"Very good, you have annihilated the last of this race. But beware, another race of Sea Monster is on the make."

Alright, I know this is getting boring, but it's just the two of you now, and I'm sick of throwing defensless Monsters at you.

I'd also like to see more actual roleplaying, if that's not much to ask :) "I build a DS and attack the sea monster" is effective, but kinda dull.

Also, I'm getting tired of typing out the entire battle and explaining the outcome to you guys, you must have *some* knowledge of math...Use it.

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