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18th Century Earth

Lord J

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Well, Normally a Sea Monster fires 20 points of damage, and you had a total of 51 armor when you attacked...So, Let's just say your CR absorbed 9 and your DS, 3 each. Since you managed to kill him in one combat round, and your ships only had a combined weapons rating of 33, I'm assuming you used your "Strategy" point.

So your fleet is whole, and you'll have to wait three more posts until your next "Strategy" point.

Cracking open the carcass of the gigantic Monster, you find 20,000 GP and a note from the Dungeon Master:

"Very good, you have annihilated the last of this race. But beware, another race of Sea Monster is on the make."

Alright, I know this is getting boring, but it's just the two of you now, and I'm sick of throwing defensless Monsters at you.

I'd also like to see more actual roleplaying, if that's not much to ask :) "I build a DS and attack the sea monster" is effective, but kinda dull.

Also, I'm getting tired of typing out the entire battle and explaining the outcome to you guys, you must have *some* knowledge of math...Use it.

I thought thet his armor was only 30. and 33 is enough to kill that right. So don't i stillhave my strategy point?






The Rautrik Pirates have : 21,500 gold

We have : 1 CR 6 DS and 11 FR

"Sir, the Battleship Has completed construction!" " Good, now we outnumber that other pirate clan and they won't try to attack us, as we would clearly win."

11,500 gold left.

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