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Emperor Harkonnen

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it is sure that FH used known reference for his planets... Since the story of Dune is closly related (well, a sort of expanding) future of earth....

still. don't think that mars could be dune.

Mars is rock, not sand.

Mars is red, not sand color.


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For space traveling: We still got 30000 years to Butlerian Jihad, 40000 to Dune, and 45000 to Heretics and Chapterhouse, so well, 2002...

I heard that Frank Herbert first planned to transform Mars into a Dune like-planet, then changed it. Besides that, Arrakis is the Third planet in the Dune Solar System, which would be the Earth in this case, and what I've read, Earth is a "Universal Park" or something...

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well there is plenty of time to devolp new technologies if the lord doesnt come. besides there are no laws in science per'ce. its just hte best idea we have. quantum physics could and is wrong. everything science does is wrong in a true scientists mind. they just build to it and try to make it better.

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In book appendixes is Arrakis (or Dune) always described as second planet of system Canopus. Canopus is a giant star about 1200 light years from Earth, big like 200 000 Sun. It's a brightest star of Carina constellation (near Centaur), so if you live in Australia you can see it whole year. Maybe this name inspired Herbert with House Corrino's name.

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