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We need Harkonnens

Emperor Harkonnen

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Well, We'll have to wait for the "Battle of Corrin" novel to come out before we know for sure, but I'll tell you what the D.E. says:

The Sardaukar, tribes of people on the harsh planet Salusa Secundus, attained the ability to leave S.S.. This was after the Jihad, and before the Guild, so naturally, they decided to take the narest planet (Glarus) - by force, if necessary. Because they were hard trained on S.S., they would overpower any planetary army or the landsraad forces.

The corrupt Bashar Abulurd Harkonnen leaked this info to the Landsraad, in exchange for money, power, etc. The Landsraad, preferring a space battle to a land-based massacre, planned to stop the Sardaukar warships in space in a dust cloud - nearby the planet Corrin. But the Sardaukar, led by Count Sheuset Ecevit found out, and ambushed the Landsraad ships. A young gunnery officer, Demitrios Atreides, rallied and took command of Abulurd Harkonnen's wind of attack ships after Harkonnen fled the battle.

The Sardaukar, although outnumbered, won by attacking, then docking with an enemy vessel, allowing the Sardaukar to capture enemy ships. The Battle of Corrin was won by the Sardaukar, and Sheuset became known as Emperor Sheuset Corrino I, after the planet (and battle) of Corrin.

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The Baron wasn't evil, I don't think. He was just excesively cruel. Just like Rabban and Feyd. Abulurd wasn't cruel or evil, he was just, well a bit pathetic. Leto II wasn't evil, for reasons already laid down. Honoured Matres now...they certainly appear to be evil so far. But they're running from SOMETHING far away so we'll have to see which is worse. Them or whatever they're running from. ( SPOILER- Do not read if you have not read the prequels!!!

You have been warned!!!!

Personally I think that the cruelest act of the Baron's was to dump Mephistis Cru into the sewage. Not the worst, but the cruelest because Mephistis had actually tried to help him.

Yes, I know it wasn't that much of a spoiler but I have to warn people.)

The single most cruel PERSON is almost definately Piter De Vries. Someone with that much sadism in their personality definately deserves a spot near the top hundred of nastiest people ever.

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Yes. But (sick and twisted as it was) at least he had a reason for that other than petty revenge, money. He could have sent Mephistis back but instead he killed him in a very nasty way. And I didn't say it was the worst act of the Baron's, he has too many of them to count, but I think killing Mephistis was more petty than any of the others.

(And, it's just occured to me, SPOILER WARNING****

that possibly Shaddam IV ranks higher in the cruelty top 100 because of what he did to Richese and Zanovar.)

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