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;D ??? ;)I install dune 2000 and it goes perfect until I try to play online. I can download the first upgrade but never the second one. It would work fine even online but then I added a USB Flash Card Reader and when I did that F Drive was change to my G Drive then I could not get on line anymore. So I uninstalled Card Reader it still didnt work but it did correct the Drive name so I uninstalled Dune and reinstalled it and everything went fine until I try to download the second part to the patch. Please help ;) :'( :'( :'( :-[ :-[

And stay off the caps next time - Timenn

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i am having the same prob. my OS is xp and i get the first part of the online auto update, but the second one will not work, it just says upgraded needed and i click yes, then it shows the downloading screen and sticks there for about a minute and says error:loginfailed. and it locks up from there. i did get the patch from ww site, but am not sure where to install it. it says - Type your original DUNE 2000 installation directory here. - im not sure what to type there. when i installed d2k i just put it where it asks for during the install. any help would be great, thanks.

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thanx gob. i did get it in the right place. now i am having probs just getting online. i have windows xp, have had it for a week or so and cant log into dune online. i used to have windows 98 se, and had very few probs getting to play online games. but i just cant do it with xp. it just goes to the connecting screen and stays there, i have to end up hittin cntrl,alt,del and end task on d2k and restart the pc and try again. any sugestions?

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