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Emperor Harkonnen

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Totally. Everything that is scifi always has aliens in it. Why cant it be that there are no other intelligent life-forms in the universe? I mean Dune is probably most logical considering that evolution is so rare in the universe. Not that I believe in evolution but it is true in evolutionary standards. Humans would probably be alone in space.

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Everything that is scifi does NOT have aliens. A lot does, but a lot doesn't. Dante's Peak was SciFi - no aliens there. Idle Hand's was SciFi - no aliens. All SciFi, is science fiction, if it has the least smudgeon of science in it, it is scifi.

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There are plenty of films which has 'smart' aliens in it. And when they fight with the humans the humans always win (Predator1-2, Indep. Day, etc.). I think it's a little bit boring to see therse every day. (Not to mention I'm an Alien-Predator fan too...  ;D .) Duniverse is good as it's now!!!

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