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Fools on Dune


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According to the song, a fool's last words are "Shoulda, woulda, coulda"... Is this the same on Dune?

1. "We could be attacked by worms - better switch on our shields..."

2. "No, no, no: the worms are attracted by RANDOM patterns. Just walk normally and you'll be fine."

3. "You're a Freman? Well, I'm the Harkonnen ambassador, desert scum!"

4. "Na-ha! Baron Vladimir smells of poo!"

5. "Ah, swordmasters suck."

6. "He's switching on his shield! Quick, pass me a lasgun!"

7. "So this is Gom Jabbar? I think I feel a faint coming on..."

8. "Spice blow? Here? Gimme a break."

9. "Which way round do I hold this thing? Oh, well, CHA!"

10. "Of course it's safe! It's called water of life, isn't it?"

Feel free to add more.

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11. What are you going to do? Shoot me?

12. That isn't a sandworm, it's falling sand!

13. Hey Bob, watch me get the tooth from that seemingly dead sandworm that just arose onto the sand and moves as though still breathing!

14. Ok, he has his crysknife in his left hand, ok wait he is going to jump - hey where did his crysknife go?

15. Hey hopefully there is someone by that thumper over there!

16. Ok, son, stand over there by that sandworm and say Cheese!

17. I think this shield blends so fabulously in the sand, don't you think so?

18. *crunch* Oh crap, hey Baron did you see a tooth I may have dropped on the way?

19. It's a little baby fremen! How hard is it to take the candy from her?

20. *At Salusa Secundus* Look the little kitty! Cmon kitty! Come to daddy!

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21. Sadukar are so over rated....

22. ahhh harkonnens have broken the great convention and atacked us in a highliner...turn on the sheilds....(hmmm whare have i heard that before) ?

26. Oh its just a little storm we can go right though it...

27. thers no room in the seitch put the sterro out there on that dune...

28. Oh come on its the water of life...evrebodys doing it...

29. oh come on the Telexu wouldnt do that....

30. hmmm we need a first strike. FIRE THE NUKES!

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35. Baron, could you move a little, I can`t see the planet.

36. Oh, come on, this is the only Kwisatz Haderach, he is nobody important.

37. And what will happen if I won`t call worm in right way?

38. This is Guild highliner. Better hide yourself.

39. This is navigator...? Sorry, give back this food, I thought he was some kinda elephant.

40. Hahaha, you really thought that you kill me with this little knife!?

41. Yes, I thought that!

42. Jessica: Oh, so you believe Mohiam is my  mother?

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