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Dune - Read prequels First?

Emperor Harkonnen

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Well, I believe it was said by Kevin Anderson in reference to this question that one wanting to figure out which order to read them should probably start with the prequels, but have the original Dune novel's appendixes on hand for necessary background/definitions of things. I'd agree with that.

Whether one should start with these "Legends of Dune" books or not, I dunno... I have to imagine it'll be basically like a whole new universe from the ground up... maybe we'll even see Earth in a Dune book (that'll be a trip).

- Neo

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I think it's based on your preference whether or not you want to read them in whichever order. Just like StarWars, some people are waiting for 3 to come out, then they will watch 4, 5, and 6. Once again, it's really based upon your preferences.

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