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Butlerian Jihad


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& THE RULES &I was thinking of starting another war of sorts during the setting of the Butlerian Jihad. You have to reamber this is set in the dune universe even though there are androids and such so try to stay dune-ish... no major factions, just little groups (10-15 people in group at the start) and every post you post you possibly gain one to two people for your ranks. Perhaps later on we can figure something out to attain more forces. There are no superweapons, and no huge mechs. You can hijack vehicles that would be in the dune universe. There are no lasguns nor shields, since they hadn't been invented yet, to my knowlegde. And no Jedi, or swordmasters, or anything in the dune novels as far as houses. You can not be the androids. You can maybe post as a andriod for a post but you can not be the android or slaver faction. Also name your faction, their planet and leader. Sound simple?Let me start it out, ok? (This does not mean the UW war is canceled its just something else)Planet SkyataFactom KYA(duh!)Leader Ryan SharpieRyan Sharpie looked up at the sky. it was a horible shade of black curling dark clouds moved quckied in the horizen lighting and lighting struck down.This was another one of the android atacks. Another massive rebellion to be put down. From the size of the storm it was another food rebellion. Less and less of the storms had apeared lately. The androides didnt like all the damage they caused. Not to mention the cleanup detail on the thouasands of bodies it took, but mostly the populace had been beaten down in this sector. The storm disapated and the black clouds begain to slowly fade away. He put the binoculars away and looked at O'Ryan"Looks like Connan didnt do to well over in residential secter c. By the looks of the storm a few thousand dead or wounded." Sharpie said Climbing down the ladder off a long burnt out church."We better get going; Pak says we got a patrol coming are way"Sharpie looked surprised"How many?""10 to 15. Screemers by the look of them.""No.""Scuse me sir?""We cant lose this district its strategicly importent. Rally the men. Were beating them off." O'Ryan looked Glad he replyed with a large grin and a sharp saulute"Yes sir!" He said running off through broken door.(Note this is not just in this city it can be on this world another world or soemthing just follow the rules)

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The screemers were about 6'5. There main weapon was there screem when emited it could produce incredibly high pitched squeels That could temperarly stun a person while they use there massive arms to crush the person, By the looks of these models they were old. In service for 10-30 standerd years. There armor was a faded teal sugesting they had once been in military service. They were old and beat down droids but they still could easily deafeat his 11 troops. They were walking down a side street heading towards the towering droid production and repair facility that stood towering in the horizon. It was a narrow sidestreat the old residental buildings stood beside on each side of them. Sharpie gave the commandThe lead droid didnt see it coming or scan it coming. The sewer head he was convienitly standing on was pushed up with incredibel force. The driod tried to keep his balancing waving his massive arms around.He couldnt keep it for long though he fell right on his head which broke away with a liberating snap. The droids behind him instantly went on alert. They still moved towards the horizon though slower and scanning for any inhabitents. A small round device bounced towards the driods. It glowed a bright orange then a darker orange then a red as it powered its weapons up. The droids begain walking backwords trying to get away from the blast range of the devise. They didnt make it. The emp wave nocked all but two of them cold. Then out of nowhare 10 hooded men and woman jumped from the building armed with knives projectile weapons and anything they could get there hands on. The two remaining driods opened there metalic mouths to emit there main weapon, they however had there servos leading to there head cut off. no sound made it out. They quikly reverted to plan B in there programing. They begain swinging there arms wildly killing 2 of the hooded soilders. They quicklly fell as another emp gernade was detenated not harming any of the soilders as the emp(electro magnetic paulse) only effects electronicl equipment. The driods completly nocked out and laying on the ground were defesless and soon torn to pices by the mob."We did good today. it worked perfect." O'ryan commented later"We took out a sqaud of 30 year old driods,used up all are gernades and lost to people. How did we 'do good'?""Good moral bost sir..."

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"Dam it!" O'ryan exclaimed

"What is it?" Deal Asked awoken from his short sleep.

O'Ryan slammed his hand against the scaner."Dam thing. If this thing is corect we got 30-40 fraggers coming this."

"Dam! Emp shielded?" Deal asked fully alert.

"From the looks of it. We need to get back to Terra Sun." O'Ryan asked

"Already? Edric wont be very happy with that you know. You know the punishment for not completing a mission?"

"Yea yea, we all know death by Nerv Induction."

"Keep that scanner going." Deal said leaving the room.

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Planet Draconis IV

Faction Dark Moon Raiders

Leader Alexander Ordos

This didn't seem to be a common baunty hunt - no one wanted to. Day by day the Dark Moon Raiders atacked the comming expeditions and never found anything to please their Elder Council, no gold, no jewels - nothing. The pityful expeditions brought only some strange devices that were the way to hard to understand. This time, though, the expedition, made of 6 scientists, had a strange glowing purple crystal with them. Alexander was pleased, perhaps this "treasure" could asure him some days rest.

- Rally the men, said Alex to his warchief Zindarion

- Ha, laughed Zin, lastly got yourself some nice peace of reputation, ortra-xeiuq!

The raider squad loaded their weapons and with a loud scream " Tetro Triuk!" ambushed the exp. group. The sounds of gunshots followed rapidly, directly at the unarmed feuds. But the "ambushed" scientists didn't even react.

- They'r made of godshell ( Moon Raider name for metal )!

- No matter, raged Alexander, I'm not leaving my prize!

With these words, Alex unseathed his silver moon blade and jumped on the exp. leader. The target fell. The Qrued ( Moon Raider leader ) stood up and screamed again - Tetro Triuk! The other Moon Raiders reacted rapidly and did the same as their Qrued. Expedition lied on the ground helplesly, unable to stand up.

- We must destroy these demons, anounced Zindarion to his men, threw the off the cliff.

Zin turned to Alexander and saw him holding the trophy - huge shining purple crystal. Alex look at it with a smile. Then, suddenly two strange crafts with flipping wings and red ram crests on them, approached the battle area...

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After word was passed Evreone left on the team quickly evacuated into the cities massive sewer system. They had to reach Tera Sun base before the droids could drop a scan probe and hunt them down. The damp sewer coverd up most of there infared signitures but the SP's could still see in X-ray and other wavelenths. They nocked the entrance out behind them with the last of there plastic explosives. The fraggers could punch though the rubbel easy enough there high powerd rifels and explosive charges would get past the rubel in only a matter of minutes. Sharpie led the group, him the only one knowing the route to Tera Sun. The sewer system narrowed to crawling hight in some spots and in others waste ran down from the ceiling . The group didnt have time to care if the SP found them it would emit a sonic palse nock them out for the fraggers to get to. "Come on its only about 2 more kilomiters." Sharpie cried running through the muck."How do you know whare your going?" Miklicken asked panting."I have done this about a dozen times before, Hold up. O'ryan help me with this cover." Sharpie said stoping"I dont see a man hole." O'ryan stated."Just put your fingers by the floating rat." Sharpie said sticking his hand itno the muck."Yes...sir." He reached down into the muck the both of them looked at each other for a moment before sharpie noded. The lifed the thing and set it down beside them. The muck gushed down into the opening."One at a time now mick,slavick cover the rest of us." Sharpie said decending. Soon they had all deceded the old rusted later. With the latch sealed behind them and 15 feet of concret and steal blocking the SP from them they were prety much home free. They held there pace to a walk now and kept folowing sharpie in the maze of sharp turns and sudden depresions. Untill the reached a large golden Door with two men in Urban Camofaluge holding assualt rifils. The Door was painted Red with a white Sickel in the corner the sign of the resistence, they had made it.

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[ Did read the rules, but the Harkonnens were before Jihad, didn't you know that :-? ] I dont care if they existed before the jihad no houses from modern dune! and um the the harkonen were aworded baron status after the jihad. No houses from modern dune! no ordos. no atreides no hark no corrino.-ex The Raider squad stood helplesly looking at the huge bulky military 'thopters approaching from the dark blue blinking sky. No one dared to run - not until they were commanded to. But the Qrued still stood motionless, tightly holding his moonblade. His lust for treasure wasn't gone yet. With the large crystal in his other hand, Raider leader looked like a powerfull warlord from the world of fantasy. The 'thopters landed and about twenty men armed with some weapons peared out of the ship. There was a tall blond man among them that looked like a officer. He raised his hand and with the gesture his guardsmen stood still, their weapons lowered. - Odra-druda!( Who you be ? ), announced Alexander.- Please speak imperial Galach, responded the newcomer officer, I'm Celt, officer of the Baron Harkonnen.- Rad thek weiqu sgek! ( This bounty mine! ) , said Qrued lifting the crystal, Ozotor! (Leave us!)- Yes, that's the device we have come for, please give to us!- Tetro-Triuk screamed Alexander and the raiders lifted their weapons aiming at the officer, the Harkonnen soldiers did the same...

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Once the atmosphere enveloped them. Haliel turned the null-grav engines on. The hum could be heard miles away. Ship, who computed the flight through foldspace with the holtzman generators successfully completed its task. As soon as the craft slowly landed on ground a robox unit accompanied Haliel out of Ship. He was equiped with a hulking shoulder cannon. A new design in laser technology. the robox had an imbedded chemical projectile rifle in its chassie. They walked out into the lush tropical planet called Tanilis. There were reports of outlaw rebels, fighting against computer-masters. "Ship... Turn on defensive cannons. Be aware of any movement in a ten mile radius, and keep me informed for any news. Set the communication frequency at 84 megahertz." "Yes master, I will wait for your arrival." As Haliel walked with his robox unit down a narrow road he got an odd feeling that this planet was much more sinister than it seemed. Something was up and he didnt know what it was. There were reported rebels in this quadrent but he had a feeling there was something much more here than he expected. After a few minutes of walking and exploring, Haliel opened communications to Ship to deploy the Drone buggy. Walking was useless with such distances by now."Ship... I need you to deploy drone buggy 1. It seems this portion of Tanilis needs further exploration... Ship, respond immedately... Ship!But there would never be a response, and he was left in a trap.

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& THE RULES &I was thinking of starting another war of sorts during the setting of the Butlerian Jihad. You have to reamber this is set in the dune universe even though there are androids and such so try to stay dune-ish... no major factions, just little groups (10-15 people in group at the start) and every post you post you possibly gain one to two people for your ranks. Perhaps later on we can figure something out to attain more forces. There are no superweapons, and no huge mechs. You can hijack vehicles that would be in the dune universe. There are no lasguns nor shields, since they hadn't been invented yet, to my knowlegde. And no Jedi, or swordmasters, or anything in the dune novels as far as houses. You can not be the androids. You can maybe post as a andriod for a post but you can not be the android or slaver faction. Also name your faction, their planet and leader. Sound simple?Let me start it out, ok? (This does not mean the UW war is canceled its just something else)
did youy look at the rules? You cant be a slaver faction or allied with the andriod.......But i spose.....that if you make it good....and not mindless......(not saying your last post was) that we might alow it. The reason i said it was. I dont want some Slaver killing alex or me or being godlike.....but i spose we can change that part of the rules a bit.
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The two of us scrambled through the ruins of the city of Barotha. I, Shiratta and my aid Nicolae. Our cell of resistance had been all but destroyed by the thinking machines. They had eyes everywhere. The resistance in Barotha would rise again.

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"Halt, Identify yourselfs." One of the Soilders shouted aiming there rifil at Sharpie

"NO! jesus, is it you ryan?" The other Soilder cried out with a british acent.

"Mark!" Sharpie screemed charging at the man."What the hell are you doing out here? shouldnt you be leading your own team by now?" Sharpie said patting the man on the back.

Mark sighed"I ran into some screemers abot 3 months ago. Lost my sqaud. The basterds had us cornerd. We took out about half dozen of em hand to hand. Was the most amazing thing i ever saw. They got us though man killed all but 3 of us. We ran like mad after that. God knows how we got out of there. Edric said it was my fault so they busted me to sargent.Evreone thought you were dead. Two teams were sent to find you, but they never reported back."

"We found some of them.....or parts of them. Edric wont be very happy with us. We couldnt even make it close to The production plant. we ran outa goods."Sharpie said disapointed.

"Well you came to the rightplace we stole a big shipment of guns,food,water,electronciel eqipment all sorts a stuff. Right this way." he said typeing some numbers into a keypad. The door opened and he lead them into the massive subteranin base.

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[ No Houses, I agree Harkonnen were but a faction then really I won't use them as a House or having them as allies they will simply tell us, Raiders, about the upcoming Jihad... ]

Celt, dissapointed, unseathed his projectile gun and aimed it at Qrueds forehead. The Moon Raiders were obviously outnumbered, so they didn't hury up to start the fight.

- Hold your ground men!, shouted Celt while throwing his gun to the ground and unseathing his dark/red broad sword.

- Garotar tu'the! ( He's mine! ), raged Alex ant threw the crystal to Zindarion.

The battle began as The Qrued, rotating his glittering blade, thrusted towards Harkonnen officer and striked him, aiming at his head. Celt easily dodged that atack and quickly answered with a hit of his iron glove hitting Alexander's head. Qrued fell on the cold ground, quickly stood up and engaged defencive position. Celt, deviously smiling at the outraged raider, seathed his sword and said:

- Common! Get over here coward!

Qrued replied by making a long jump and striking the officer in rotation. Celt met the strike with his glove and again unseathed his sword. Alexander jumped on something that looked like a rock, inviting his opponent to the new arena. Celt followed. The loud strike exchange began making the serious fight a fair show for the standing soldiers. Some even were shouting:

- Go Celt, go!

Harkonnen officer apretiated the support and sent a strong strike at Alexander from above. The fame tainted his mind and Celt forgot that he left his chest uncovered. This quickly led to the cosequence - The Qrued opened a huge wound on the officer's chest with his dangerous moonblade. Celt screamed of pain and fell on the ground, blood spilled on the pure white snow. Alexander raised his bloody blade and shouted!

- Tetro draga, tetro draga! ( Got the pig! )

But the raiders were already aiming at the Harkonnens. Two soldiers approached the wounded officer and caried him away into the 'thopter. Then the other one ran out and pointed at the sky:

- The androids approach, take your positions!

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We hid that night, in an old place. It had shattered windows, a collapsed cieling, it was infested by rodents. No one ever said the life of a resistance fighter was glamorous.

In the corner there was the remains of a statue. It was headless from falling debris, but the rest seemed to be a woman's body. There was a cross in another corner. What was this place before the machines again?

A Church. Yes a Catholic Church. Nicolae was raised a Catholic, so I was betting this place being in this condition was hard on him. But just seeing your world lying in flaming ruins, ruled by thinking machines was hard on anyone, so maybe this wasn't too hard on him compared to all that had happened.

That was when we heard it, a creak. We motioned to each other silently. Then, with years of practice, we moved without a sound towards the sound. We rounded the corner and found a person curled in a fetal position, shivering with fear.

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(OOC: Howdie, been thinking it over lately and I think I want to join in...If you guys don't mind my char's "bad boy" image ;) )

Planet: Nalabama

Faction: The Snotters (A street gang)

Faction Leader: Moogie

It is a bright, sun-shiny morning in the streets of New Houston. Of course, most of the Snotters are out cold since their night of partying last night, but Moogie is an early riser, always had been, he had learned the hard way that not all robbers come at night.

Picking one of the many blue luminescent bottles that clutter the street, Moogie realizes that the parties have to stop somewhere. As the leader of the most prominent gangs this side of Sim Street, Moogie knows his stuff. And what his stuff is telling him right now is that it's time to leave New Houston and find bluer pastures.

It all started last night, when Lady J walked up to Moogie and said, "So what's your excuse tonight? Already spent all your money on Spizzo? These boys of yours drink it like water. And speaking of water--"

"Lady, you know I don't have time for this right now," Replied Moogie to the only girl that could ever halt him in his tracks. "I've...We've...It's...Well, complicated. You know how it is."

"And well I should." Retorted the pretty but worn young lady. "The way you go on about how many changes you want and what you'd do just to live in peace for once...Sometimes I even believe you! I'm just tired of it Moogie, I'm just, tired." She ended with tears running down her face. Moogie reached out to steady her held her firm as she fell into his arms.

"I just can't fight you Moogie, but this has got to end. I can't raise our two children with, with this." She said, waving with her hand in a general indication of the room.

"I know, baby," Replied Moogie in a quiet, soothing voice. "I know."

(OOC: Ok, I know it's not exactly action-packed, but it's the best I could do on short notice ;) )

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"Kenny," I gasped in surprise.

Nicolae remained silent as Kenny unrolled from his fetal position.

"Kenny, I thought you and Barbara had died in the machines' intitial uprising," I continued. (OOC: Get it Barbie and Ken?)

Kenny jumped up and began to snarl as he strangled me," you stinkin machine you killed my wife and now you pass yourself off as my friend!"

Nicolae moved quickly, pulling a knife and slit Kenny's throat with a tear.

"Thanks. I can't believe he snapped, I knew he had issues before everything," my voice cracked," before it all happened, but still."

Nicolae could not speak after what he had done. The sorrow in control of him.

We gave Kenny a burial behind the Church, it was the least we could do. At least his wife is dead, I would hate to have to tell her we killed her husband. Especially in a world, where humans must be united or die.

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Times change. Planets change. The human race grows and evolves and adapts. War is always the first thing to change, fists to clubs, clubs to knives, knives to swords and so on. Although the shredder pistol in Moogie's hand looks nothing like a club, the concept behind it's use is still the same.

Fight. Kill. Survive.

And survival is just what Moogie's thinking about as he runs across the ally, hunkers down beside some overturned crates and starts yelling "Hammer, Kiley, cover me! Nickles and Tee, flank those twerps! I'm goin' in!"

As he hits the door and runs in, Moogie is hit in the calf. Feeling eyes on the back of his head, he turns and holds down the trigger until the hears a thunk and sees a man fall from beside his shelter. Hearing the screaming only a dying man can make, he looks up in time to see Tremor, His newest recruit, a kid of 16 shooting determedly at the enemy forces without appearantly noticing the dozen throwing knives stuck in his back.

Shaking his head Moogie limps as quickly as he can into the abandoned building. Slowly he trods his way upstairs and looks down in time to see an almost blood-filled street as he turns and passes out...

"...wake up moogie..." Says the gigantic purple ogre-like creature gripping his throat and pounding his head against the wall.

Moogie...who is that? he has time to think before he wakes up and memory floods back into his exhausted brain.

"The battle, the Punji attacked, we almost got the upper hand." He says with his eyes half-open, then he seems to wake a little more and slamming up into Lady J's arms he screams. "The blood!"

A few moments later Moogie is standing by the window looking down into the street. Hammer, his second-in-command, had told of winning the battle and the capture of the Punji base.

The Punji had always been an rival gang, but it wasn't until lately they had become outright hostile.

Then Hammer had told him of the "modifications" the Punji had been wearing.

Enhanced vision and musculature, some even equipped with weapons grafted onto thier arms.

It was only by numbers and sheer luck the Snotters had won out against the Punji today, and Moogie isn't stupid enough to think otherwise.

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Ten bulky 'thopters approached from the sky. The defending force shot a few shots in the direction of the approaching enemies. They were completely effectiveless. The Harkonnens tried to retreat to their 'thopters but it was too late - they were cut off by large craters made by heavy laser blasts that fell from the skies like a punishment from above. The android 'thopters were turning 180 degrees to engage in another strike. The Harkonnen survivors had no other choice but to run to the nearest cave entrance and leave their comrades in the 'thopters for the mindless androids. All that time the Qrued and his raiders were standing on their previous positions, observing the confusion and submission of their newcomer enemies. Alexander followed the survivors with his eyes, on their road to the caves. Another blast. The survivors can be heard no more. The Harkonnen 'thopters remained unharmed. While looking at the returning androids a strange thought struk Alex: How dare you have such a simple death newcomer? - Zin take two men and follow me, others return to the tribe, hurry! With these words, the Qrued rushed towards the 'thopters. The androids seemed to be not noticing the four men - they decreased speed and prepared to land. Alexander was already in the Harkonnen craft when the androids began their slow and precise landing procedure. Programed A.I, no doubt. Inside the Harkonnen 'thopters, one of the raiders took Celt on his back while the Qrued, Zin and the other raider placed Dyonide bombs on the fuselage. When all left the craft they saw a dozen of human shape figures approaching them from all sides. Alexander and Zindarion put on their robe hoods and moved out unoticed. When the raiders carying Celt passed through the same way two others did, all "god armored" figures focused their gazes on them,scanned and moved further towards the 'thopter. The raiders could escape but they hunting instincts didn't allow them to miss the firework show. Five androids entered the 'thopter and after a few seconds - BOOM!, the 'thopter went into the air. The raiders laughed but then, all the invaders simultaniously turned towards them and opened fire. Many purple blasts rushed towards the rogues. At the moment Celt woke up and saw the whole scene - The Qrued issuing some strange commands, two blue robed figures in front of him and other two carying him. All he saw then, was the terror of realizing that they jumped off the high cliff...

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