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Found Widescreen Solution Win10 - Nvidia laptop


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Short words:

DG VooDoo 2 wrapper created by Dege

Managed to launch fullscreen, widescreen in 1600x900. In the mentioned wrapper i've changed only not to launch in fullscreen but in a "stretched window". Runs good:)

My specs - Dell XPS l702x - it's a laptop with built in intel Hd3000 and Nvidia Geforce gt555m. Trust me it's a real pain in the... to run older games on this config. Something with integrated graphics card structure and priorities of mainboard to use one or another. 

Although thanks to DG VooDoo managed to launch Shogun Total War. Still working on Warhammer Dark Omen though.

Tested solution on another laptop with Ati graphics radeon hd 4200 - couldn't launch in proper widescreen, although I guess it's a directX issue. And the card itself. It has really issue'ish drivers.

Hope it helps some fellow Dune fans.

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FUCK YES IT WORKS. Playing at 1920x1080. Now the game covers my entire screen, finally. Thanks for the tip. With simple google searches I learned how to set it all up. This tutorial explains everything: https://www.play-old-pc-games.com/compatibility-tools/dgvoodoo-tutorial/

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I've tried this but I am not seeing any improvement from playing without dgVoodoo.  The game screen is not running 1920x1080, it's stretched which makes it look weird since the original aspect ratio is 4:3.  Is this supposed to make it run natively widescreen?  What am I missing?

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