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[WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

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A new campaign?

Yep. Smugglers campaign 2! Still a work in progress, but it continues the story from the last campaign over another 15 maps. 3 are already done, yay, so I'm gonna share them here.

Download link:

This zip contains the three missions, the latest update of the mod (which is also the one in the original smugglers campaign release thread as of right now), and the necessary text files for the three new maps. Installation instructions are identical to the ones in the original smugglers campaign release thread. FeyText files to data\UI_DATA\, bin files to data\bin\, all 9 mission files to data\missions\. Easy peasy.

These are WORK IN PROGRESS MAPS. If you play through them, please be aware they may not be perfectly tuned! I could use any feedback y'all have got for me to improve the maps for an actual release, so let me know what you think I can improve about any of these maps if you get the chance, please. Thank you! I expect these maps are overtuned, although all of them were tested and beaten on hard mode.

If you haven't already, I strongly suggest playing through the original smugglers campaign found in the thread linked before starting these maps. Here:

Want more details and some strategic tips? See below, but be aware THERE ARE SPOILERS. Hopefully they help you if you're having trouble with a map. Here:


S10V1: Phantom Penance


Full map image: https://i.imgur.com/S8fyRB4.jpg

This map is supposedly a quick mining operation, but it's not really. Summers feels all guilty about the events of the previous campaign and starts seeing stuff in the desert, which is bad news bears for you! You will be attacked by phantom forces. You must fight your delusions or lose your mind.

Your ideal base location is the center of the map. Get up there with your light vehicles and go a little further north to scout the Sietch, which you find is abandoned. An MCV will touch down and shortly after you start building your base, sh!t hits the fan. While most of the Atreides forces aren't a problem, there is a Sonic Tank lagging behind the rest. Sonic Tanks deal very poor damage to anything very close to them since their mounted cannons are so high off the ground, so stick to the rocks and take out enemy forces as they assault you in staggered formation. Keep your Quads alive and once the Sonic Tank shows up, swarm it and focus it down! If you succeed, you won't have to deal with enemy forces for a little while.

If you've been scouting the map while getting situated at your base, you should see their units coming a mile away.

Get your economy up and running and decide on a strategy. You have light tech and Combat Tanks... no repairs, no turrets. Quads or Combat Tanks with Grenadiers are a solid strategy. Keep enemy forces off your Harvesters while you build up a few Refineries and Silos, and once you have solid income, quit building units until you pass over the 10k threshold. You should get your income going really good before hitting the 2/3 mark, or you may be overwhelmed by enemy forces.

Past the 10k point, all the Atreides and Harkonnen forces will pop, Summers will declare she has a clear head, and victory is yours. Yay!

This map has a secondary Hard Mode, which is enabled by default. Destroying the abandoned Sietch will suppress Summers' delusions, causing less enemy forces to appear. The Sietch is also an easter egg - mouse over it before and after attacking it to view secret messages.

S11V1: Scream in Silence


Full map image: https://i.imgur.com/TIT51tO.jpg

Here's a punch in the gut. Smuggler and Ordos forces are fighting in the middle of this map and you need to kill them all. Luckily, you start with quite a lot of units, including Atreides and Harkonnen tech. And, your entire tech tree is unlocked! However, you can build Missile Tanks instead of Deviators now. The Heavy Factory is outfitted to produce anti-armor weapons by default, like Combat Tanks' cannons or Missile Tanks' missiles, so you don't need a Heavy Factory upgrade to use them but you do need a Research Centre.

You have plenty of turrets, so start teching up however you see fit. Siege Tanks will help a lot with the Troopers and Grenadiers you'll be seeing, and they can hit targets above or below cliffs with ease. Missile Tanks would work wonders on the enemy turrets dotting the map and help to cover light vehicles against enemy armor. Since you're fighting nothing but Ordos armor, Missile Tanks will pop every Combat Tank with relative ease. I recommend some kind of high-tech tank because enemy forces are deeply entrenched and you'll need something substantial to cover your light vehicles and infantry.

If you build a Starport, you will receive two Devastators and some Harkonnen armor. Those Combat Tanks are seriously beefy even though they don't hit that hard, so they make perfect cover for your weaker units, including OSO Combat Tanks, while you press the attack.

Whenever you're ready to move out, there are a couple of good targets to attack early. There's a smuggler refinery very close to you, which you will notice if you move south of your base at all since they have turrets on the perimeter. The other target, which will surely be taken out by the Ordos if you leave it alone, is southeast of you past the Frequency Jammer. The second location is a great spot to set up more Refineries and stage attacks against the Ordos, while the first location is perfect for lining turrets against the cliff for use against the smugglers. There is a third, uninhabited rock island in the middle of the map... while it may be difficult to contest at first, you may successfully hold it after you've laid into either the Ordos or the smugglers. It's got infantry rock and dunes around it and is a great spot for turrets and a Repair Pad.

As for weak spots in the main bases: The smugglers have Wind Traps against the cliff wall southwest of your base. Destroying them will slow Stealth Raider production and make it easier for you to attack the main base from the north side. The east side of the smuggler base is fairly exposed, although walled off and covered by Rocket Turrets in formation. And, you can expect Ordos forces to come in behind you. I believe the Ordos base is easier to attack first. Although the forward base position just north of them is less defensible, there are Wind Traps and Refineries within striking distance atop the cliff wall.

However you decide to do it, victory is yours once all your smuggle and Ordos foes lie dead.

SBON2: The Ghola Gambit


Full map image: https://i.imgur.com/HSUDxtn.jpg

Bonus mission 2! This time, you're playing as your old buddy, Durant. And if that's not familiar enough, do you recognize this map at all? Part of it was in S9V2. This is where the Golden Lion Throne stood before Summers blew it up.

Sit tight where you are until the Engineers show up, then either sell everything or leave some guards and take those Engineers southwest. You need to re-activate your base! Capture the ConYard, Barracks and Heavy Factory ASAP, and if you head a little more west, you'll find some leftover smuggler structures. Capture the Repair Pad if you want.

The main Tleilaxu base is across a bridge, but you can help reduce resistance by attacking structures along the cliff edge. There is an infantry-only leading up to one of the Axlotl Tanks on the west side of the bridge. Far east of the bridge, there's another. I suggest capturing either the Axlotl Tanks just beyond the bridge and placing a turret line against the bridge to stop enemy units, or capture the one on the east side. Capturing the one in the middle of the base is pretty difficult and it's difficult to hold, too, and you need one.

For those of you who are unaware, the Axlotl Tanks are Tleilaxu Barracks. Capturing one will enable you to train Sardaukar Gholas, assuming you have a High Tech Factory and upgraded Barracks.

If you want to do a roundabout strategy, you can capture a structure in the Tleilaxu base and fly tanks up from below using a Repair Pad and Carryalls. A convenient Repair Pad is on the east side of the map for this purpose.

Finally, you will receive infinite reinforcements and you can capture a Starport further north of the smuggler Repair Pad. While the reinforcements alone are not sufficient to fight off the Tleilaxu, they will help a lot with defending your base and eventually striking out. Have fun with that!


That's all for now. See y'all later with a new update, or whenever someone replies to this thread! :D

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- I notice that you take away my beloved turret! Whyyyyyy.

- I sited my base at the same location as before: Northeast.

- I built up to the barrack. Then I used my initial unit to kite the sonic tank, so I managed to survive the first wave with just them.

- I placed my survived units all the way to the west as decoy, ensuring that the second wave would take a longer time hit my base.

- The two harvester I started with harvested 9k Credit during the second wave. I sold my CY right after that, ending the mission.





(Near-the-end screenshot)

- This map is easy for a mission 11, I was expecting it to be harder than mission 9 & 10. The friendly Outpost is too safe, enemy almost never touch it. I used one of my Sonic tank to block the only entrance.

- I used my starting troops to wipe the left nearest base.

- After that, during battle between two factions, I harassed harvesters of both side, even destroying carryall left and right.

- Once they were weak enough, my troops came right through the north entrance and destroy all key buildings.

- Possible bug: The wall near my starting CY cannot be sold.

- Possible bug: The warning about Ordos Palace comes in too late.

- Balance: I see you rebalance turret, but I feel Rocket turret is available too late to be useful (and too expensive).

- Terrain: The map is less "blocky". Nice to see that.



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Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, Runtowin said:



Because the map was too easy with turrets and it's just meant to be a little mining operation. :P

Sounds like a great strategy. Any suggestions for improving difficulty so it's not over so fast? XD

Also, any opinion on the map concept? It's kind of abstract, so I didn't know how it'd turn out, but I had the idea and figured this is how to execute it, so. Yep. And did you check out the easter egg pertaining to the Sietch?

3 hours ago, Runtowin said:



Well, it IS a new campaign! S9V2 was pretty tough. I do have some ideas about how to up the ante for this campaign, but I do want to build up to it! It's definitely harder than S2, but it can't be all-out right away or the rest of the campaign will lose its flavor, I think. About the Frequency Jammer: For some reason, the enemy attacks it often enough in my runs, but no one else seems to have that problem. Once every now and then is what I'd prefer; I'd prefer for the enemy to attack your normal base most of the time, just not TOO much compared to the Frequency Jammer.

Nice base. You try turrets with Concrete Walls in front of them? The range + a wall of them is pretty nice, but they're even better with some strategically placed walls! Especially now that walls block Quad and Trooper missiles. 25 credits each for some sick protection! :)

Yep. The map is dense with enemy forces, so I wanted to give the player enough room to wreak some havoc right away and keep wreaking havoc throughout the map, at least until you need to go beat up the enemy bases.

I'm glad you noticed the Harvesters were exposed and that killing them does have an effect, too.  Did you also notice the Ordos Refineries on the cliff, or the smuggler Wind Traps beneath the cliff? Those are more prime early-aggression targets. And speaking of turret changes, did you have much trouble breaking through the enemy base with all the turrets around? Since they're meant more for support now, they make it quite difficult to attack a base while the power's up and enemy forces will come to defend the base, not to mention the heightened range and boosted firepower (although lowered RoF) means that commitment to an attack is important. And, they have more area coverage within a base. The Ordos and smugglers both had areas where their Wind Traps were well-covered, so breaking through turrets to get to them was made mandatory at some point.

About the wall: That belongs to the AI that controls the Frequency Jammer. The reason for this is because if the player starts building walls, Moriaen will recognize that the new walls belong to the player and will not comment at all on the Palace. Do you think I should remove that and make the Palace alert always happen?

I think I have an idea for making the Palace warning come at a good time if I play around with the triggers as mentioned above.

I'm pretty happy with the new turret changes, myself. Regarding the Rocket Turret in particular: In the old version of the mod, Rocket Turrets had to be built via Wind Trap > Barracks > Outpost > HTF > HTF upgrade > Research Centre + ConYard upgrade. In the new version, they are built from Wind Trap > Outpost > HTF > HTF upgrade > Research Centre + ConYard upgrade. The main changes that encourage gameplay more suited towards the Rocket Turret are to the Outpost prerequisites, the ConYard upgrade, and the ConYard power boost. Now that Medium Gun Turrets and Repair Pads are built directly off a ConYard upgrade, a player going for fortification will research that a lot sooner and reap more benefits from it immediately. Furthermore, the ConYard power boost makes it significantly easier to tech up to Research Centre very quickly since you can build an Outpost and HTF directly off your first Wind Trap, and then a second Wind Trap can be built during the HTF upgrade. With a Barracks and Light Factory on S11, teching straight up to Rocket Turrets and using the Starport for early-game support is a viable strategy. In addition, now that Summers is operating off the merc tech tree in the second campaign, she now has the choice between Missile Tanks and Rocket Turrets, and Siege Tanks and MCVs via either the HTF upgrade > Research Centre, or the Heavy Factory upgrade. Although Rocket Turrets are still mid- to late-game tech, the avenues to tech to them are drastically reduced given the aforementioned changes. And, they're now a great deal more fortuitous when placed strategically, such as up against cliff walls or behind production structures or Concrete Walls, given their improved range.

I believe it's worth mentioning that before re-releasing the smugglers campaign with the new changes to the mod, I did play through each level again and balance technology accordingly. Turrets still do a great job on S5, S6V1, or S7, S9V2 now provides significantly increased allied reinforcements, all practice AIs were optimized to build up with 100 extra power, and so on and so forth. That said, does that specific outline for the tech tree sound a lot more appealing now that it's out in the open and explained in full? :)

Hey, thanks. I'm pretty satisfied with the terrain on this one as well, if I do say so myself.

Any opinion on this map's concept as well? Any idea where this is going? ^^

No bonus mission yet? Alright. :P I eagerly await your feedback whenever you get around to it, Run. Thanks again for playing the first two! I hope you enjoyed them.

Edited by Fey

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- S10: I don't quite get the situation. Is all the enemy what Summers hallucinated? Why are her men also affected? Why suddenly guilt trip to that point?

- S11: Look like Moriaen rebel against the Ordos but pay Summers to do it, while pretending to not involve. Worst plan ever if that's the story.

- SBON2: Hmm, Tlielaxu attack, kinda cliche with that "last transmission". This is the far future, at least jam all signal!


4 hours ago, Fey said:

And did you check out the easter egg pertaining to the Sietch? 

I don't get the easter egg? What is that referring to?






(Near-the-end screenshot, excuse my bad Starpost placement)

- Except for the first three attack wave (before your first reinforcement) was kinda tough, I had to lure the third wave with my harvesters to my turret cluster in the west.

- After that, the enemy wasn't strong enough to deal with your continuous reinforcement and safe spice-harvesting operation. Not hard at all.

- Balance: The "I wish I wouldn't build starpost" message is ironic, mostly because if you are able to defend that one, you dont really need it.

- Terrain: The map is quite similar to the one in your Harkonnen Campaign. Not a negative, just something I noticed.


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2 hours ago, Runtowin said:

First reply


Gameplay purposes. :P I like to imagine she's ordering attacks on the sand or something. lol

The guilt trip wasn't sudden at all! Throughout the original smugglers campaign, Summers is established as idealistic, sentimental, hot-tempered, and strong-willed. Her choices have often seemed like good ideas, though been questionable and not panned out perfectly, or have been remarkably arduous. For example, the trap in El-Sayal that resulted in the total destruction of the smuggler base or any smuggler forces except for Summers left her in awe of the Imperials' might and with a touch of survivor's guilt, which is over-shadowed by her will. The mission in Gara Kulon was meant only to be a pick-up and good-bye, but she was left stranded there by Sumadi of all people and forced to wage a tough fight against the Harkonnen. She was forced into a position where she had to fight her former leader, who no longer had the influence over his own organization to say, "Hey guys, don't listen to Summers, she's fired," because there's a crazy war going on and half the smugglers are like "okay you know what allying with one of these big badass guys is a good idea" and the other half are like "we should hide under a rock and keep doing what we were doing before."
And, no matter what choice Summers makes, Sumadi is killed either way. Throw in the fact that the battles taking place on Dune during the smugglers campaign are significantly more intense than anything Summers has seen before, having only had to deal with cursory Imperial interest until the war started, and having had a merc army at her disposal rather than smuggler militia who she formerly protected, and you've got a recipe for insanity. :D

She does snap out of it awfully quick, and a little too cheery. Again, gameplay purposes. :P I could change the dialogue at the end of S10 so she's more like, "What the hell's happening to me?" so it's a lingering question rather than 'oh I just dealt with a bunch of stuff that wasn't actually there in the desert, and now I am teh cur3d.' And some more detail in the briefing... I did have another idea for a mission delving more into her mental degeneration, but I had other ideas that took precedence.

About the easter egg:


If you mouse over the Sietch before and after attacking it, it gives two messages: "They're dead because of you." And, "Destroying the memory cannot erase your past." If you attack the Sietch, Saud Nagi, the fremen who defended Summers on S2V2, says something about his own death. Aside from creepiness factor, which I do want to establish on this map, it also provides more context about what exactly is going on. The Sietch doubles as a "hard mode" trigger - if destroyed, Summers' memory is suppressed, resulting in less enemy reinforcements. If left alone, more enemy forces are encountered.

Good guess about Moriaen's intentions, but how would she expect to beat the House that now rules Arrakis and then hold power with a half-crazy sub-commander, a bunch of rebellious smugglers, mercs that are more loyal to those smugglers than to her by a long shot, and without an army of her own? ^^

Although for gameplay purposes it's more than possible to overpower a strong opponent with meager forces, as Summers has done several times, it's gotta be fitting to the lore of the campaign or it ain't gonna work. It ain't gonna feel like that struggle against superior forces earns you victory, but rather is contrived. That's something I really want to avoid! In Bled al-Hazrad, you've got two Great Houses bearing down on the battlefield, so you have chats with your friend Durant and come up with a good strategy to manage and balance your combined offense and defense, and eventually pull through to victory. In Gara Kulon, the base you fight is large and has to be battled through methodically, and given limited building space and access to MCVs, it's gonna feel like there's a large-scale battle going on to hold out and eventually overpower a superior opponent. Hole-in-the-Rock and Shield Wall are daring missions, but Sumadi lacks the combat experience you do and grows increasingly desperate as you fight your way up to him and there's an overarching plan in the battle of Shield Wall that makes that victory possible, barely, from an in-universe standpoint. You know?

So, while I do want Moriaen to be imposing and mysterious on her own, she would need quite an ingenious plan to overtake the Ordos on Arrakis at this point in time. Perhaps there is something else that's going to happen and I'm simply characterizing the Ordos as duplicitous. Who knows? Exciting!! Hopefully. :P

I know, I know! The Tleilaxu were kind of staying off the radar until they were discovered, then struck quickly to manage the mercs. Since they didn't want to give themselves away, they refrained from interfering with the mercs in any way. Though, maybe I could say the base at the peak of Shield Wall took out a Tleilaxu jammer rather than repaired their own Outpost to get through to Durant. Any other ideas?

SBON2 reply:


Looks like your base took a beating. Did you lose the initial ConYard? 😮

Only the first few waves? On my test runs, the enemy sent quite a lot of tanks my way quite often.

Well, you do need to hold that position up by the starting point in order to have the Spice field protected. I hoped that encouraging defense at several locations would help increase map difficulty without sending tons and tons of Tleilaxu at the player. From the looks of it, you had to deal with attacks at both those locations. Did it work out? Was it fun? ^^ And, map progression is a thing! I don't want to force the player into a defensive position without giving some kind of avenue to victory. I don't want maps to last super long, you know? So on S3V2, either you spend that 5k credits attacking the Atreides or gaining an ally. S8 or S9V2, defend allies to build a ton of strength in fairly short time so you can take it on the offensive and have fun storming the enemy base. S5, S6V1 and S7, I think, are the most defend-yourself maps in the entire original campaign, but on two of those you don't have an ally. S5 keeps things interesting with the spread rock islands where you come under attack at several locations, and with the addition of turrets that defense is made easier... S7 has limited Spice at the starting position, but enough to go attack an enemy base, so I encourage moving out with that.

On this mission, you're forced on the defensive for a few and need to defend multiple locations if you want Spice mining security, but then reinforcements show up and not only are there nice targets along the cliff wall to take out, but there are multiple Axlotl Tanks to capture, there are some infantry only spots, the former location of the Golden Lion Throne is a great place to set up a forward base (especially considering the bridge is the only location where enemy tanks will be pouring out of), and the enemy base is thick with turrets and defense forces. Like S11, it's not meant to be harder than the end-maps of the original smugglers campaign, but it is meant to be significantly more advanced than the original campaign's earlier maps.

Given the above idea of map progression, did you find that you were moving on from defense, capturing objectives and attacking enemy forces at a smooth pace? If so, did the map overstay or understay its welcome?

Map pacing is the end goal of the progression idea. A map like S9V2 may be massive and complicated, but if it were one-note, I think it would be boring. So, not only do I seek to create variation through objectives, but I have specific ideas about how long it should take to achieve those objectives and what sort of gameplay style I'd like to encourage to keep a player on his toes. On straightforward, single-objective maps like S7 or H5 that are also expected to be longer than, say, S2V1, the maps tend to be segmented or contain something interesting. S7 has a couple of main enemy bases and smaller enemy encampments scattered through Hole-in-the-Rock. The main enemy bases can be attacked from various angles, each with their own benefits, and Sumadi's dialogue is intended to give a sense of progress for you and desperation for him. H5 has conveniently-placed Atreides turret nests with the first Sonic Tanks in the campaign, which are surprisingly tough to take out given how small the bases are, and then it turns out there are Imperials on the map too who mass Missile Tanks and turn your heavy armor to scrap metal in no time.

Hah, yeah, I guess the Starport is in a cruddy place. It's actually outside the defense zones of the Tleilaxu AIs, even though it might seem they're sending more attacks than usual. I also put some convenient Concrete down there for quick turret placement. The only other place I could think to put it was the Golden Lion Throne rock island, but I want that to be tougher to take. Either capture an Axlotl Tank and hold the bridge, or escort an MCV up there. Plus, it's an abandoned structure; Summers would build around the Golden Lion Throne in preparation to take it, not on the island itself, most likely.

Unfortunately, that's the lowest that I can put the rock island with the Starport on it because any lower and I'd need to edit S9V2 to match up. XD Maybe I could open up the cliff by the bridge some more so there's more room to fight over there.

Interesting you should say it looks like the Harkonnen campaign maps. 😮 The Harkonnen maps are built off the original Harkonnen campaign maps by Westwood. I expand the terrain and stuff. This map is past the top-right corner of S9V2 and just as that one was built from scratch, so too is this one. I take it my changes to the original smugglers campaign make the maps look a lot better than before? :)

Thanks again for the feedback, Run! I'll keep working out the kinks.

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1 hour ago, Fey said:

oh I just dealt with a bunch of stuff that wasn't actually there in the desert, and now I am teh cur3d

Giacomo in a nutshell.

1 hour ago, Fey said:

In Gara Kulon, the base you fight is large and has to be battled through methodically, and given limited building space and access to MCVs, it's gonna feel like there's a large-scale battle going on to hold out and eventually overpower a superior opponent. Hole-in-the-Rock and Shield Wall are daring missions, but Sumadi lacks the combat experience you do and grows increasingly desperate as you fight your way up to him and there's an overarching plan in the battle of Shield Wall that makes that victory possible, barely, from an in-universe standpoint. You know?

Heh, and I barely remember what was the main plot of your campaign xD.

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1 hour ago, Cm_blast said:

Giacomo in a nutshell.


1 hour ago, Cm_blast said:

Heh, and I barely remember what was the main plot of your campaign xD.

Lore summary:


Commanders Rowe Summers and Sabre Durant were in charge of the mercs and assisted Sumadi's smugglers with Spice mining operations even with all the Imperials around. They have a pretty substantial army and do the tough work, which really wasn't all that hard compared to what happens during the campaign itself, while Sumadi mines all the Spice and they have a trade partnership. Protection for Spice, Spice for protection.

That changes when Summers leaves her post at the mercs to focus on Spice mining. She'd rather chill out behind the front lines and mine some Spice, and her buddy Durant's got her back, things are looking like they'll be fine. Sumadi's glad about that because, yay, experienced merc commander might be able to do some really dangerous operations for me, and it sounds like sh!t is about to hit the fan. Yeah Sumadi's a bit controlling, he wants operations carried out in specific ways and may question some of Summers' choices, but she's ultimately good for his smugglers for starts at least. So he teaches you how to set up a standard smuggler base, you raid some Imperial silos, and then El-Sayal happens where the Imperials set a trap and roll over the smugglers' meager forces with tanks and hardened Sardaukar Elite infantry in a bid to capture or kill the ex-merc commander. Who they're going after because the great war's about to start and they want the battlefields on Arrakis nice and clean of rats before the big boys show up.

So you're taken by surprise by vastly superior Imperial forces! So much so that in the next mission, Summers, the sole survivor of the battle at El-Sayal, climbed out of a broken raider at Mushtamal Ridge and needed the aid of the Fremen to make it to the safety of another smuggler base while still being pursued by relentless Imperial forces. The Fremen who help her are Issam Nehara and Saniyah Tafweek. Tafweek is buried under rubble by Imperial forces seeking revenge following Nehara's successful attempt to get Summers to safety, but they both survived only to be killed ironically by Summers in a later battle at Bilar Slopes.

Following her defeat, Summers begins to seek the aid of a Great House against the wishes of Sumadi, who catches on immediately and begins plotting against her. Meanwhile, in Tuono Basin and Bled al-Hazrad, Summers reaches out to the Atreides and Harkonnen commanders in search of an economic treaty, something surely those Spice-hungry Great Houses are eager for. The Atreides turn out to be jerks, at least towards the smugglers who are there illegally and already seeking business with the Harkonnen, and the Harkonnen begin extorting Summers until the Ordos contact her and make an offer. They want Ixian weapons, you deliver and get richer. Yay! Also the Imperials are spying on the battles, but that's a bit secret. It's an easter egg on level 4, there's an Imperial Outpost in the bottom left corner and Summers will comment about that if you find it.

Unfortunately, while in Gara Kulon, your Starport is disabled and you're stranded out there with light tech and a Harkonnen factory complex north of you. Someone tipped them off to the Ixian project for the Ordos and they're about to attack. So, you intervene and save the Ix, and then with their help, you can fight back against the Harkonnen. And, throw your lot in with the Ordos officially.

Now that the Ixian research is secured, prototypes are on the way to Arrakis and the other Great Houses know all about it. The Atreides and Harkonnen have massed at Habbanya Erg to try and assault the Ordos Starport while House Corrino delays the deliveries through an air blockade coordinated from Plaster Basin. Through a hard-fought battle, the combined Ordos and mercenary armies and Summers' smuggler militia manage to clear the blockade and receive the Ixian prototypes only for Durant to betray Summers.

Once Summers manages to capture Durant's Outpost, and once the battle against the other Houses has concluded, Summers interrogates Durant who confesses Sumadi put him up to it. Summers was able to fight her way out of a pit of Harkonnen, astonishingly, and Durant as a more straightforward approach was Sumadi's second pick, but that failed too. Although Durant would normally never be hostile towards his long-time co-commander, he is dependent on Sumadi for operating and so Sumadi had enough leverage over him to get him to fight Summers.

Unfortunately for Sumadi, Summers then took her own forces to Hole-in-the-Rock where the main smuggler base resided. Although many smugglers were resistant to the idea of joining up with one of the Great Houses, many more had stuck through with Summers and found that there was a unique opportunity to permanently upset the balance on Arrakis and guarantee Spice riches never before conceived for the formerly shadowy and weak smugglers. Summers fought her way up to the peak of Hole-in-the-Rock and confronted Sumadi. Somehow, he died there, presumably by Summers' hands.

Following the re-unification of the smugglers, with much complaint, Summers went on to draft her forces into the most intense battles of all at Bilar Slopes, Alazor Steppe, and Shield Wall in straight-up mercenary work for the Ordos, alongside Durant. They battled the Atreides and slaughtered the legions of Fremen they gathered, executed the Atreides and Harkonnen commanders and the Imperial general, and eventually usurped Emperor Corrino himself.

Some time later, at Almiraz Graben, Summers is running another Spice mining operation for the Ordos only to be attacked by phantoms of her own regret. Her grief is further exacerbated by Moriaen's subsequent order to attack rioting smuggler forces and the Ordos who responded at Chin Rock. Meanwhile, back in Shield Wall, Durant has happened across mysterious visitors to the grave of the Golden Lion Throne. Just what could be going on on Arrakis now? Find out next time on... the smugglers campaign 2! Return of the revenge of the... uhh... something thingy.

And that's all I got so far that's been publicly released. :D


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