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Let's Play Dune


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Nuclear weapons! Atomics are not allowed to be used against humans under the Great Convention, but as per Dune video game tradition (which admittedly hadn't been established when this game was released), the Harkonnen always have nukes. And you can nick them. I don't know hoe much of a difference in addition to the other weapons they make - when I got them, I had pretty much won already.

Part 22: Atomic Age

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The final battle - conquering the Harkonnen Palace - isn't particularly difficult. You have to gather your household and do some talking, but the actual challenge is the battle itself... but by the point where you are ready for it (having conquered all other areas on the planet), you will pretty much automatically be strong enough to win it.

There's also a hidden ending: Instead of waiting for your Fremen to win the fight, join the battle before it ends. That's a bit tricky, so let your armies come in from a Sietch that's a bit further away. Thsi ending has some unique dialogue, and is your entry to endless mode (sort of).

Part 23: Victory

Part 24: The "Secret" Ending

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On 15/07/2017 at 5:02 PM, soapdx said:

Cool - fun little secret ending. It's not much, but when you enjoy a game you want to see and play ALL of it.

You said see you in Dune 2 - is that the plan? :)


Dune II is happening as we speak. :) It's quite a lengthy LP (covering all map choices) and there is less to talk about, so I decided not to make a thread for it.

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You should realize the risk of watchers that are going to view one of the 3 per mission. Moreso. I think, only mission 4 to 9 are interesting for one house. Watching 9 times the same mission (mission 3) is kinda... boring? I am only going to watch a few interesting missions. One time mission 7, 8 and 9 per house. Including O5, since there you do without rocket launchers. It is a given that you order them in O6.

That is what interests me, regarding Dune2.

You can still do this with Dune2k. Since some there are truly different.

But once you reached EbfD, I suggest doing the obvious choices. And simply cover the parts like subhouses that you don't choose, in the custom games.


PS. I love how you play WC2. It truly looks like a blind play :)

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I'm aware that this isn't going to be a terribly popular LP, but there are plenty of Dune II LPs on Youtube already, so even then I wouldn't stand out too much. At the end of the day, completionism is my thing, so I'm going to do all 66 missions.

Even if I covered only one choice per mission, the battles would still be quite samey. Most special units (Devastator, Deviator, Ornithopter etc.) bow anyway, so it's always Combat Tanks and Missile Tanks. Even for the Ordos, lest this takes forever.

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