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D2K Cloaking


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So far theres three types of cloaking in this game. The Stealth Raider and the Atriedies special Palace Fremen are the first two units that can cloak, and they are permanently cloaked until they open fire. The third type is the Saboteur, but he can only cloak when his energy meter reaches max capacity, then you can deploy him, and he cloaks for about 30 seconds give or take.


I'm trying to make the Ordos Saboteur have perma-cloaking like the Atreidies Fremen. Anybody have any luck achieving this?


Does anybody know the logic behind cloaking in this game?

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The Stealth Raider and the Fremen have the same type of cloaking. You need to see what kind of cloaking they have. Then use this one on the saboteur as well.

Remove the type of cloaking that the Saboteur has.


I don't think Tibed is the right program for this. But you could take a look.

Make sure you have plenty of back ups in case things go wrong.

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^^ Does this work with GruntsMods?

THIS file does not work with GruntsMods, unfortunately. Only with original Dune 2000 1.06.


I cannot find "cloaking" for new versions of Dune2000.

But I find, where can be "auto-repairing" in GruntMod Edition. At least it works in some old versions of GruntsMods. See topic "Couple of hacks", if THIS is interesting for you.


Did you try this file with old Dune2000?

But I understand, now I prefer new ver. of Dune2000 too.

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everything is on the same location in my patch. It must be on the same location because that's how all the patching works. The only difference is that my dune2000.exe is bigger, all the new stuff was added after the original bytes

no one can edit dune2000-spawn.exe or after this they cant play online right?


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You can edit it, but then you have to share the edited file with others

thats good but i wont share any mods i like classical dune and new options only 

some people wrong when they said dune not have balance they must play no rules then all house balanced and some changes (hacks) really nooby things but if some one like it then they can play it  :)  classical dune forever!  :D

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yah that whole no rush for 8 minutes is boring as hell.


I modded my Dune to have tougher infantry. You can still crush infantry, the core gameplay is still intact.


My favourite new additions are the upgraded Fremen/Sardukar. Now they actually have two distinct weapons, a machine gun for infantry, and a cannon for tanks, instead of two machine gun types, one more damage than the other.


Also I made the Saboteur able to attack units now. Hes a suicide bomber like in Emperor, but the bomb he sets off is a lot stronger - since you can't actually build the guy, I made him alot more fun to use.


Perhaps making him permanently cloaked would make him over powered... 

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