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Dune 2000 Build orders


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I decided to post some build orders that I made since there is not a proper thread for them. Some originate from the old times of WOL and some I just thought might just work. Except the no rush one, these builds have not been extensively tested, so they are subject to change. I may update this thread if I find some new or better ideas. I skip the Windtraps in the build orders, if you went low power, that's not how the build was meant - never go low power unless you are going to sell the building right away (ref). If needed, I can add the windtraps later. Builds are for 7000 cash, maximum tech, no unit count. No rush 8 min can include starting units.

R = Refinery
H = Heavy Factory
B = Barracks
O = Outpost
S = Starport
L = Light Factory

2 star handicap (easy) builds - for no rules (Small maps)

Trooper / Tank with early Barracks
B,R,R(sell - optional),H(build tanks),R,R,R,H
Example game: Trooper / Tank with early Barracks build - 2 stars

Trooper / Tank with late Barracks
R,B,R(sell - optional),H(build tanks),R,R,R,H
Example game: Trooper / Tank with late Barracks build - 2 stars

Quad Rush / Harass
Basic: R,L
Full push version: After basic start, get 2 more Light factories and optionally sell yard, keep up full production, get some trikes in the mix if you see too many troopers.
Transition version: After basic start focus just on impairing enemy economy or structures, if he survives, get more refineries and light factories, if the game is still equal, get heavy factory and start tank production.
Example game: Quad rush build - 2 stars

1 star handicap (easy) builds - for no rules (Small maps)

Trooper rush (works for 2 stars as well)
B,B,B,R,R(depends on the situation)
First windtrap can go without concrete. Attack as soon as you have 2-3 squares of troopers. Add a couple of light infantry. If enemy is going infantry as well, build more infantry to counter and beware harvesters as they will be threat to the army.
Example game: Trooper rush build - 1 star

Tank Rush / Infantry Defense (works for 2 stars as well)
R,H,H,B,Sell Yard (optional)
This rush gets tank production rolling very early, which will ensure map control and early push. Killing harvesters and running away as in case of quads is possible. If enemy got troopers, it is good to put some light infantry to guard the main base. Or fully commit and sell the Yard. Weaknesses are that there is no early scouting and the tank comes out rather late. This tactic could lose to the engineer rush.
Example game: Tank Rush / Infantry Defense build - 1 star

Engineer Rush (works for 2 stars as well)
Build barracks, upgrade, get 2 light infantry, 2 engineers and run for enemy base. Keep producing and sending more troopers / infantry for support. Mainly aim for yard, if that is heavily guarded, try to go from side or capture any other building and build in enemy base, get some infantry to guard main base. This is likely to work against Tank rush, but not against quad / trike rush. All depends if the engineers have been spotted and on the size of the map.
Example game: Engineer Rush build - 1 star

Quad rush
R,L, then continue adding Refineries / Light Factories depending on the situation
Example games:

Quad rush build - Game 1 - 1 star

Quad rush build - Game 2 - 1 star

Quad rush build - Game 3 - 1 star

1 star handicap (easy) builds - for 8 min no rush rule (Large maps)

Fast Heavy factory / Light factory before outpost
This is a standard build for 8 min no rush rule commonly played. Reason for 3 heavy factories is fast buildup of economy consisting of 12 harvesters - 1 for each refinery. As tanks are superior to quads, there is no need to get any light factories before 3rd heavy factory.
Example game: Dune 2000 1v1 - Shaokhan (H) vs Tano99 (A) 2013-04-15 Habbanya Erg - Game 1


This build can be utilized to execute a missile push along with the other tanks without getting the IX. The goal is simple - order as many missiles as possible from starport's first order and once that order is delivered, send everything to attack. Below is example of what can happen if the other party stays only on low tech against this build.
Example game: Fast Heavy factory / Light factory before outpost build - 1 star

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wind trap  - refinery - barracks - wind trap - heavy factorry - wind trap  refinery - wind trap heavy factory - barracks barracks  wind traps heavy factory - refinery

tank and troopers 


wind trap refienry light factory wind trap refinery light factoryy wind trap refinery light factory wind trap barracks barracks wind trap refinery

quad and  troopers


wind trap , refinery  refinery wind trap  wind trap light factory light factory wind trap wind trap heavy factory heavy factory wind trap barracjks outpost , wind trap  - research center wind trap  heavy factory wind trap light factory


for missile tank and quads

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