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how do I replace my Harvester??


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If you lose all your harvesters but you have at least one refinery, you'll get a free replacement brought in by a carryall. However, if you had more than one harvester and lost some but still have at least one, the only way to replace them is to either build a new one in the heavy factory, buy some in a starport or capture an enemy refinery when a harvester is docked in it.

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Whoops, this is the Dune 2 section. I answered first as if it was Dune2000.

Anyway, that's deleted.


In Dune2, level 3 (or less), your Harvester increasing options are:

- Build new refineries.

- Or capture enemy refineries while an harvester is docked. (Only level 2 and beyond)

- And if you are out of space. Destroy one of your own buildings to make room for the new Refinery. Make sure the Refinery is finished building and you only need to place it.


For capturing an enemy structure. You need to send in Infantry or Troopers. They will capture it if the structure had enough damage.


Level 4 allows you to build Harvesters with the Heavy Factory.

Level 5 allows you to purchase Harvesters with the CHOAM Starport.

Level 7 with the Ordos Deviator, it allows you to mind control one. But this requires a hell lot of work.


Or if you like to cheat. Hack in the mission files and replace or add starting units with Harvesters.


If you still can't seem to win. Just say, "I win". And shut down the pc by pulling the plug. And there you have it. The game wont be able to respond to that. (Sorry, bad day)

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If you lose harvesters to sandworms, there a "sorta" trick you can employ to easily dispatch them, While you only have one refinery (an thus unlimited harvester replacements at no cost) you can feed your harvesters to a worm until it is satiated and goes away. That of course will consume some time better spent collecting resources and building up, but anyway that can be done.

Worms in earlier missions aren't very aggressive though, they're on "Area Guard" mode and will often ignore your units unless provoked (attacked).

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I love Area Guard sandworms. They can be docile even while you're killing them, they can be aggressive right off the bat, or they can change to aggressive when you least expect 'em to. It's awesome :D

Much better than the later game "lure them to the rock and kill them" types.

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