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  1. Hey guys, I am at the third level of Atreides, I did some research on Harvester actually, and under normal circumstances I should be able to replace it with a heavy war factory, since I don't have that in the third mission, what then?? cheers!! Keith
  2. Hi, two things I am wondering really. First I was tring to find more inormation on "The Illustrated Dune", it seems a very famous book and its data no where to be found... Second is that I was checking one of the edtion so that I can compare to all the other various edtion of Dune DVD and possibly Blue Ray, I am having a "Special Edtion", and I can't find the data anywhere. If there was a forum at the dune.wkia I would suggest to them too, cause dune2k and dune.wikia are the two main site I go to look for information and data... Cheers!! Keith
  3. higher res, does that mean clear picture or just make it right more smoothly on modern screen. cause all the graphic data resolution was low in resolution, stretching them might not look good.... p.s i am new and don't mean to intrude :)
  4. Hi, i hope this site creator can help me with this, but anyone that might be of help would be much much appreciated!! i am looking for dune2000 concept arts and other arts assest, especially the high res version of those little units buttonn like these: My link but in higher resolution: My link if there are higher one would be much appreciated. it seems that this is the site that has the most resources of arts works, but some are missing, but still i would take a shot to ask if there are any other sites that might have something more. so many thanks to you all!!
  5. oh, sorry , it doesn't work. the units would attack, but only where i clicked, they just shooting the ground and i am sure i was pressing shift first, holding it and then press ctrl, any other suggestion please??
  6. at first, i thought this unit is just a projector you know what i mean? i thought its like the protoss templar right? and until now i am playing against the Emperor Worm, i know now it is a lot more powerful unit than i thought!!!(i am a newbies and a knob, i know) but this wasn't entirely my fault, all the descriptions i could find pointing it to just some advance holographic projector to foul your enemy right? even the FMV kind of misguide me to have this stupid conclusion. (watch the Hark's video explaining IX tech...) so my question is, if there is a insider in this forum, was the projector originally supposed to be just a projector instead of a "replicator"??
  7. I have this problem and is cranking me up. when i try to clock the units to an area or attack some units, if the enemy attack me in mid way, i always end up losing all my units since they don't attack auto on move by default. I know i can press something to make them do, cause when my units are following way points, they do attack auto. so my question is how?? this problem also affect my ability to use the projector effectively cause we all know how weak the projections are, they are like bubble.... many thanks!!!
  8. ok. i am new to this classic, have played 2000 though. Ever since 2000, i have this Sandworm problem. How can i keep track of how many havesters still operational?? you see they tend to "disappered" from time to time... hope you guys can help. thanks you!
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