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Arrakis Version 1.13

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Yes, i will release a version 1.13 of Arrakis. It has max fps, shakes screen during battle (really cool!), supports new lib so perfect sound (no cracks!). Music support file, and i will put 4 music wav files on this site soon. I don't know when i will upload those music files, but i will upload a patch to version 1.13 very soon.

Whats new:

- Build uppon craters

- Much smarter AI, defends its own structures which are under attack now, and uses its own repair pad when units are not at 100%.

- Plays Music

- Sound engine is now perfect (due new lib)

- Max FPS

- Harvester is now $600 and refinery $700

- Screen shakes when destroying structures, and sometimes with units, gives the explosions a real 'shock' .

I have just finished the Atreides engine, now its time to make to Harkonnen en Ordos changes and then i can upload it. I can add a VERY little piece of code though, so if people have an idea what defenitly should be added to version 1.13, reply to this topic then please.

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I downloaded Arrakis the other night, just for a trial run, to see what I've been missing and I unzipped it and tried to run it, but I got an error message:

File not found in module RUNME2 at address 0DBF:00AD

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